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Krabby Pokemon Coloring Page

About Krabby Pokemon Coloring Page

As a crustacean, Krabby has a strong outer shell protecting its small body. Its upper half is red, containing two small spikes facing upwards on the top of its head. Its lower body is light tan and doubles as its jaw with two fangs overlapping its upper body. Its hips are visible on the lower front of its body connected to its long, thin legs, which have small, claw-like feet. The main feature of Krabby's body is its large, red pincers. Krabby uses them as its main form of offense, and as a form of balance. Sometimes, Krabby may lose a claw during battle, or it can forcibly remove a claw if it is damaged, and regenerate the claw over a short period.
We continue offers you this coloring page from Pokemon category, you can choose right colors to make a nice coloring page. This coloring page can use in the classroom or at home for kids. Have fun!


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