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Earth coloring pages: the story of the Earth – our perfect planet!

If children often watch cartoons and social activities, children will no longer find it strange when it says to Earth.

Earth is the planet on which we all live. Today, the children will explore the wonders and exciting things around the Earth by coloring pictures about the Earth. The Earth is round, with a set of Earth coloring pages. Children will explore details of the Earth together and have fun with the cute and funny children shown in the Earth coloring pages. Do you know what color our Earth is? What is there on Earth, and have you seen it yet? There are currently many programs to explore the green Earth blue planet and learn about the phenomena of the moon, sun, and Earth. So, are you ready to use colors to color Earth coloring pages? Is it vivid?


Protect our green planet.

The green color on this Earth is very dear to every human being. Around us, everywhere is the familiar blue color: Looking up is the deep blue sky. When I woke up in the morning, I looked out the window and saw green leaves. We are all more or less associated with green grass, rice fields, forests, or the sea in human life. Loving nature, living near nature is a dream, a human need. But now our “green planet” is under threat: Cities develop, densely populated, trees have to give way to houses, roads, airports, factories… Forests are exploited indiscriminately, ravaged by unconscious people. We have also suffered from nature’s wrath: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods. Therefore, we, the Let’s protect this Earth together. Let’s join our relatives, teachers, and friends in planting and protecting trees, saving paper and wooden utensils, and many other works about planting and protecting trees. Every green tree makes the air fresher and the Earth greener, whether big or small.


Lessons on the meaning of people

Parents said that many children dream of becoming astronauts to fly into space to explore everything. This dream comes from children’s love of nature and curiosity. Many children have this desire due to hearing exciting stories about the world from their parents, watching them in cartoons, comics, etc. With their imagination, children draw colorful pictures- the vast universe with the sun, stars, spaceships, astronauts, and even the Earth. Earth is human life. The fact that the Earth is increasingly threatened will threaten human health and vitality. We know that the Earth is essential in our life. Earth coloring pages not only help children entertain after stressful school hours, but the Earth coloring pages also help them draw a green, clean and beautiful Earth. The green color of the Earth is the green color of mountains, forests, seas, lakes, gardens, and grasslands. Our Earth is wonderful. We are living on the only planet with life, friends! That is also the dream of our call: to protect the environment so that the Earth becomes greener. Parents and children can color the Earth together to keep the environment to their children. Teachers can use earth coloring pages to organize games and competitions to create green and beautiful Earth.


Let’s look at the Earth coloring pages below to choose your favorite coloring pages freely. After you have the Earth coloring pages, let’s explore its colors with your friends.

Earth for Kids

Boy and Girl hug the Earth.

Earth Printable

Take Care Of The Earth



Little friends! Let’s learn and have fun together and discover many things from the outside world. Parents prepare children to be colorful. Parents and children color the Earth coloring pages so beautiful and vivid. If the Earth is healthy, we humans will also live in the best environment. I hope the children will have fun coloring hours and learn many valuable things to protect our earth greener and cleaner!



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