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Last Updated: November 21, 2023

Our collection of free Hanukkah coloring pages for kids aims to celebrate this special time with many pages covering different aspects. Hanukkah is celebrated around the end of the year. At this time, there is also a major festival in the world, Christmas. It is also considered a popular holiday throughout the country. All of these sites are free and can be used for various activities. You can join your family and friends to learn more about the traditions of this festival.

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We designed illustrations of typical Hanukkah symbols, including the Menorah, dreidels, the Star of David, and Hanukkah food. In addition to these general categories, many Hanukkah coloring pages are geared toward specific age groups, such as toddlers, preschoolers, older children, and adults. There are also Hanukkah coloring sheets based on specific Hanukkah stories, such as the story of Hanukkah and the oil miracle.

Our illustrations on the theme of Hanukkah are available in various formats, such as printable, downloadable, and online coloring pages. The pages are all high quality. No matter your child’s age or interests, there’s sure to be an option they’ll enjoy. Click Download and print out the desired number of pages to start experiencing fun activities!

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5 Interesting Activities With Free Printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Hanukkah is known as the Jewish festival of lights. This is a time for celebration, family, and tradition. And what better way to get into the Hanukkah spirit than by participating in fun and educational activities? Here are 5 fun activities you can do with our holiday-themed coloring pages.

Play Dreidel Spinning Game

This game will help children discover interesting traditions of the festival. Essential to the activity are the dreidel and gelt (chocolate coins) coloring pages. Color the pages with vibrant tones. After the dreidel is colored, carefully cut it along the contour. Place the dreidel on a flat surface and use your index finger to spin it vigorously. Watch as it spins and lands on one of four sides: Nun, Gimel, Hey, or Shin.

Each side of the dreidel has a specific meaning, such as Player loses nothing (Nun), Player takes all the gelt in the jar (Gimel), Player takes half the gelt in the jar (Hey), Player adds one gelt into the pot (Shin). Take turns spinning the dreidel and collecting the gelt until the jar is empty or everyone has a chance to spin. After the game, divide the gelt among the players and enjoy the delicious treat! If you don’t have gelt, you can also use other candies or small prizes in

Play Treasure Hunt

This exciting activity is sure to keep all children engaged. First, you will choose Hanukkah coloring sheets that represent different symbols or traditions of the holiday, such as the menorah, dreidel, Star of David, Hanukkah food, or Hanukkah scenes. Then, have children color them. Write a riddle or clue to the next hideout on the back of each page.

Start at the designated starting point and hide the clues logically following the puzzles or clues. Ensure the hiding spots are challenging enough to keep the kids engaged but not too difficult to find. Consider hiding clues in places related to the Hanukkah story or tradition, such as near the fireplace (representing the miracle of the oil), near the menorah (representing the lighting of the candles), or near the dreidel. You should encourage children to work together and use teamwork to solve clues and find hidden prizes. As kids discover each clue, they can add it to their collection and continue their treasure hunt. When they find all the treasure, celebrate their success and enjoy the reward.

Make Window Decorations

The first important thing is to gather coloring pages, coloring supplies, scissors, and tape. Then, you can choose Hanukkah window decorations coloring pages that appeal to you. Many options are available, from traditional menorahs and dreidels to elaborate Stars of David and festive Hanukkah symbols.

Let your kids get creative by coloring window decorations with vibrant colors and patterns. They can use bold colors like blue, yellow, and red to reflect the spirit of Hanukkah. After coloring, instruct your child to carefully cut out the individual shapes of the Hanukkah window decorations along the outline. Gently stick the cut decorations onto the window and ensure they are securely attached. You can use tape or clear glue to avoid damaging the window surface.

Create A 3D Menorah

This is a fun and creative project that people of all ages can enjoy. You will choose a design and fill it with your favorite colors and patterns. Then, carefully cut the menorah shape along the border and then fold along the dotted lines. Use a ruler and pencil to draw the fold lines firmly. You can create a base out of cardboard or thick paper to stabilize the menorah. Cut a rectangular base slightly wider than the menorah and glue it to the bottom of the menorah.

Bend the menorah along the fold lines to form a three-dimensional structure. Glue the sides together to secure the menorah. To make candle holders, cut small circles from cardboard or thick paper. Glue the circles to the top of the menorah branch. You can add glitter or ribbon to make the menorah more beautiful.

Design A Greeting Card

Greeting cards given to friends and relatives during the holiday season will be meaningful gifts. After coloring the pages, children will cut out the pictures on the page and paste them onto a piece of colored paper or blank card. You can write a short greeting, a Hanukkah wish, or a heartfelt message to the recipient.

If you want your cards to last longer, cut rectangles from white cardstock or heavy paper slightly larger than the greeting card shape. Glue the greeting cards onto the cardboard backing. If you want to make your cards foldable, fold the cardstock in half along the center line. Glue the greeting card onto the folded back. Finally, let kids share this Hanukkah greeting card with friends, family, and loved ones to spread holiday cheer.

We can use Hanukkah coloring sheets in various activities, including window decorations, 3D craft plans, or just for simple coloring. These coloring pages can also be used as educational tools to teach children about the history and meaning of Hanukkah. Children can better understand the holiday and its importance by coloring and discussing different symbols and traditions. During the coloring process, if you have new ideas about activities or designs, don’t hesitate to suggest them to us. We will realize your ideas to create the most unique work.

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