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Care Bears Coloring Pages

Care Bears coloring pages with colorful bears will attract little ones when coloring. These unique cute chubby characters will make the little ones excited in coloring, having fun with mischievous crayons.

Care Bears Coloring Pages are colorful bears with different moods and styles, making it easy for children to identify moods, colors and improve children’s creativity and motor skills.

Care Bears coloring pages help children develop coloring habits and develop creative thinking.

Each Care Bear is a different color and has a unique “belly badge” that shows its personality. Adding to the Care Bear family are “Care Bear Cousins,” featuring lions, rabbits, penguins, pandas, monkeys, elephants, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, and horses created in the same style as Care Bears.

Color and experience the exciting fun of this rewarding recreational activity. Use your imagination to create your unique works of art. Combine bright colors and make the bears more beautiful and outstanding. All coloring pages are free; you may also like Funny Cartoon Coloring Pages, lots of funny pictures like these lovely bears. Have fun with the colors right now. Have fun!

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