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Last Updated: April 1, 2024

With these latest 81 Earth Day coloring pages, you can unleash your creativity while learning about meaningful environmental messages. These fun images are perfect for both children and adults.

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 worldwide to raise environmental awareness. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve this planet for future generations. Earth’s rich green and blue colors will be an exciting coloring subject for children and adults alike.

Among the countless activities that mark this important occasion, Earth Day coloring sheets stand out as a creative way to get people of all ages involved. We have compiled and designed images of planet Earth, natural scenes, and inspirational messages about protecting our environment.

Some images depict the Earth itself, with its continents and oceans. Many coloring pages focus on the importance of recycling. These coloring pages also feature photos of people planting trees or scenes filled with lush greenery. When participating in coloring activities, children will also be taught how to be environmentally friendly in daily life by turning off lights and saving energy.

In this year, make this Earth Day a colorful and memorable celebration with our exciting collection. Just choose the image you like, print it out, and finally, the fun part comes: Get creative with colors.

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6 Unique Ideas We Can Do With Earth Day Coloring Pages

Children should be taught the importance of taking care of the environment, and Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to do so.

With a combination of coloring and creative and educational craft activities, you can make this important event fun for children while giving them a better understanding of what it means to be environmentally friendly.

Make A Greeting Card

To start your ideas, you’ll choose an Earth Day-themed coloring page. Images can include a lush forest scene or a globe surrounded by trees. You will color the pages using bright tones.

Once you’re done coloring, cut the colored details out of the page and glue them onto a blank white card. You can draw or collage other details to decorate the card more prominently. As shown in the illustration below, you will add bright flower shapes and leaves.

You can write or cut out a Happy Earth Day quote and stick it near the bottom of the card. Inside the card, write a short message to encourage people to take small steps towards a greener life, such as planting trees, limiting plastic use, and saving energy.

Earth Day coloring pages craft 5

Create Stickers

This craft idea is a creative way to spread awareness about environmental conservation. You will choose coloring pages with suitable designs to make stickers. Look for images with trees, globes, recycling symbols, or Earth-themed illustrations.

Our designs are always crisp and perfect when converted into stickers. After printing at the smallest size, you’ll color them with markers or watercolor paint to make the images stand out.

Cut out the images individually if the coloring step is complete. You will need heat shrink sheets and a heat shrink machine. Place the image between two heat shrink sheets.

The following step is to cut along the image’s outline and remove the excess sticker. Use a portable heat shrink machine to make stickers thick and durable. If your sticker paper has no adhesive layer on the back, apply the glue yourself.

Finally, share the finished stickers with friends, family, classmates or colleagues. You can keep it on your water bottle, notebook, computer, or any surface to spread awareness about protecting the environment and keeping the Earth green and beautiful.

Earthday coloring pages craft 2

Design A Headband

This eco-friendly craft project is perfect for a classroom activity celebrating the upcoming Earth Day event. Like the other craft ideas, you’ll print out several Earth-themed coloring sheets and distribute them to students.

The children will color the images with their creativity. To make the hat strip, instruct your child to take a piece of cardboard, measure, and cut a rectangular strip about 3 inches wide and long enough to fit around the head.

Take another piece of cardboard and draw a large circle about 10-12 inches. Cut out a circle to create a crown for the hat. Next, tape the ends of the wire together to form a circle. Decorate the crown with a colored Earth Day image.

Children can cut the coloring pages into different shapes and glue them onto the crown. Once completed, encourage children to wear it and express their creativity in honoring our planet.

Create A Bookmark

This is a fun and meaningful way to add a little creativity to your child’s reading adventures while also raising environmental awareness. The steps are extremely simple. Print out the Earth Day-themed coloring pages.

The next step is to color the images with vibrant colors. Cut the colored details from the page and glue popsicle sticks to the back of each cutout. You can see the image below for easy visualization. Let your bookmark dry entirely before putting it in your favorite book.

Earth Day coloring pages craft5

Decorate Seed Packets

For this highly creative activity, you should choose designs with natural images such as trees, flowers, or animals. Use crayons to color selected pages.

If you don’t have a packet of seeds, you can make your own by cutting a rectangular piece of paper and folding it into a small envelope. You can also buy pre-made seed packets from the store.

Once you’re done coloring, cut out the small details and glue them to the front of the seed packet. Finally, the seed packets are ready for use. Give them as gifts to friends and relatives to spread the Earth Day message to everyone.

Make A Wallart Picture

You can turn your child’s simple coloring picture into an Earth Day-themed wall hanging. The steps to follow are not complicated at all. You print the images on a thick sheet of paper.

Then, color them in a green or blue tone. We encourage using watercolor or markers to make the painting stand out. Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, frame it and hang it easily visible on the wall.

Whether at home, the office, or the classroom, this unique piece will serve as a reminder of the beauty of our planet.

Earth Day coloring pages esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Earth Day coloring pages will be used for many different purposes. Whether used in the classroom, at community events, or home, they create creative and meaningful opportunities. Everyone can understand the importance of environmental protection and take even the smallest actions to support a healthier planet. Our collections, in addition to providing coloring resources, aim to create educational value for all ages regardless of the subject.

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