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Chucky Coloring Pages

Chucky Coloring Pages are pictures of a red-haired doll named Chucky. Do you know this red-haired doll? Learn a little about Chuky before you color these coloring pages.

Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray is the main antagonist of the Child’s Play slasher series. Chucky is a dangerous person, he kills many people. When he bled from a gunshot wound, transformed his soul into a “Good Guy” doll, and repeatedly attempted to transfer to his body others. 
The character has become one of popular culture’s most recognizable and repeated horror icons. From psychological thrillers to bloody murders to dark comedies, the “little red-haired doll” has gone through many iterations in films. They all focus on the scary looks of an animated doll with an evil spirit. With an innocent soul and lovely appearance, Chucky finds his way into families that other souls cannot. That has helped Chucky’s images be developed continuously from time to time in different projects.

Does this doll terrify you? Coloring Printable Chucky coloring sheets will reduce your fear. Choose the coloring page you like and print it out to color. Chucky coloring pages will help you make your coloring pages even more unique. It feels so fun to color the main villain in a horror movie. Choose your colors, pick up the crayons, and color the Chucky coloring pages now. Exciting coloring pages are waiting for you!

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