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Black Adam Coloring Pages

Black Adam – Supervillain of the DC universe will have its own movie in 2022. Are you interested in this villain? Let’s explore the Black Adam coloring pages inspired by the film he appeared in and the latest Black Adam movie below.

The power of Black Adam is given by the sorcerer Shazam; Adam also has the capability of 6 Egyptian gods, including Abundant physical strength, the unstoppable knife of the god Shu; Heru’s super-speed; Strong physique, boundless muscular strength of god Amon; Zehuti’s unparalleled wisdom; Aton’s terrifying thunder; and the Eternal Courage of Menthu.

Black Adam is one of the biggest opponents of superhero Shazam in the DC universe. If you love Black Adam, now collect these free Black Adam coloring sheets. If you are a fan of superheroes, explore more Superhero coloring pages and create your unique collection of superheroes. Unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in vibrant colors right now. Have fun!

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