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Last Updated: September 27, 2023

You can join us in exploring this unique collection of Disney Halloween coloring pages. These free coloring pages feature your child’s favorite characters dressed in costume and playing themselves, surrounded by the symbols inherent to this special festival. Consider printing some pages if you want a fun and educational activity for your child to enjoy this Halloween. They will surely have a blast coloring in their favorite Disney characters and celebrating the spooky season.

The free printable Disney Halloween coloring sheets feature your child’s favorite characters dressed in costumes and, as they naturally are, surrounded by images essential to the festival. These sheets will encourage your child to express his originality, so let him utilize all of his imagination. You may open the high-resolution PNG for any of these free printables on a new page by clicking on any of the images or links below. You are free to download or print anything you want from there. Most PNG coloring pages are on typical US letter-size paper, but they also fit on A4 paper sizes without problems.

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In this series, you may color pictures of well-known Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, and several Disney princesses. Below, we will select the 5 best quality coloring pages and suggest how to color them. You will see Princess Rapunzel with paco on pumpkins, Lilo And Stitch wearing a witch hat with Jack O’ Lantern, Frozen Elsa And Anna in a Halloween scavenger hunt, the frog Elmo or the portrait of Snow White. There are also lots of more beautiful pictures of Disney characters. You can follow our instructions or choose any site you like and use your creativity to create the most unique work. No matter what Disney character you choose, you are sure to have a fun and magical Halloween.

Rapunzel And Pumpkin

On this first page, you will encounter the legendary long-haired princess Rapunzel in the Halloween atmosphere. She is beautiful in her typical dress but with the added charm of Halloween. It was a stylish witch’s hat perched on her long hair. Rapunzel’s face exudes warmth and curiosity as she sits before the plump pumpkin. Next to Rapunzel is her loyal and adorable chameleon friend, Paco. Paco was perched on a pumpkin, looking up at Rapunzel with expressive eyes. You can use a vibrant and enchanting color palette for coloring Rapunzel’s dress, pumpkins, and witch’s hat. Rapunzel’s long hair can flow elegantly, and Paco’s scales can shimmer with vivid colors. The night sky can be painted in dark blue and purple colors. Printable Disney Halloween Coloring Page

Printable Disney Halloween Coloring Page

Anna And Elsa On Halloween 

The Halloween scene above is set in the enchanted world of Arendelle. Elsa and Anna, the beloved sisters from Disney’s Frozen, are dressed in fun Halloween costumes, ready for an exciting scavenger hunt. Anna is dressed in a regal witch’s outfit with a pointed hat and a long cloak. On the other hand, Elsa wears a long dress and a two-horned bow on her head. She held the treasure map, guiding them on a Halloween scavenger hunt. You can choose royal blue and icy blue for Elsa’s outfit, with a touch of silver to give her a magical touch. Anna’s outfit can be detailed with vibrant purples and oranges, capturing fall’s warm and inviting colors.

Color Pages Disney Halloween

Color Pages Disney Halloween

Lilo And Stitch With Jack O’ Lantern

Imagine a fun Halloween scene set in Hawaii. That’s where Lilo and Stitch, beloved characters from Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch,” are getting into the holiday spirit. Lilo is wearing a Hawaiian witch hat decorated with tropical flowers and leaves. Stitch always loves mischief and adventure. He’s dancing on a jack o’ lantern. Around the two characters, flying bats appear, and some sweets fall at their feet. When choosing this page, you can suggest that your child choose bright and tropical colors for the Hawaiian scene, with a touch of orange and black for the Jack o’ Lantern. Lilo’s outfit can be detailed in vibrant, earthy colors, while Stitch’s fur can be colored in his iconic blue.

Disney Halloween Color Pages

Disney Halloween Color Pages

Elmo On Halloween

The adorable Halloween scene features Elmo, a beloved character known for spreading joy and fun. In the middle of the page, Elmo dresses up for Halloween and is excited about the holiday. His eyes sparkled with joy, and he had a wide, beaming smile of happiness. Elmo was waving with one hand in a friendly and enthusiastic greeting. On the other hand, he was wearing a Jack o’ lantern with a happy face engraved on it. The use of bright and cheerful colors for Elmo’s costume and the Jack o’ lantern are great suggestions that you can choose from. Elmo’s friendly face can be detailed in vivid colors, and the night sky can be painted in deep purples and blues to evoke a Halloween atmosphere.

Elmo Halloween Coloring Page

Elmo Halloween Coloring Page

Snow White With Jack O’ Lantern

You will be immersed in the fairy tale world with this coloring page. Snow White exudes grace and enchantment in this portrait as she celebrates Halloween. Snow White wears her iconic costume but with a fun Halloween twist. In Snow White’s slender hand, she held a Jack o’ lantern. You don’t have to worry about coloring. Here are our suggestions. Snow White’s dress can be detailed in classic shades of blue and gold. At the same time, her skin can be porcelain white to show off her timeless beauty. Jack o’ lanterns have a familiar gentle orange color.

Halloween Color Pages Disney

Halloween Color Pages Disney

This collection of Disney Halloween coloring pages is for all ages. You choose the print you want to color and download it or print it directly on the website. Halloween party is filled with fun with your favorite Disney characters. These pages are a great way for children to express their creativity and individuality. They can also teach children about Halloween’s different aspects, such as costumes, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses.

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