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Explore the Evangelion anime universe from our free printable Neon Genesis Evangelion Coloring Pages below.

Neon Genesis Evangelion or Shin Seiki Evangelion (often abbreviated as NGE, EVA, Evangelion) is the most famous anime film in Japan, produced by Gainax and animated by Tatsunoko.

Evangelion is set mainly in the fictional city of Tokyo-3, with a period of 15 years after the great earthquake that had a substantial impact on the whole world. The main character of the anime series is Ikari Shinji, a boy who joins the shady organization Nerv at the call of his father Gendo to control a giant biological machine (Evangelion) to fight against the invasion of creatures called “Angels.” The film follows the experiences and thoughts of the Evangelion pilots and the Nerv crew as they try to prevent the “Angels” from causing more disasters. During this war, they gradually discover the ultimate cause of catastrophic events and the motive behind humanity’s act of self-destruction.

The movie Neon Genesis Evangelion has captured many deep impressions of viewers worldwide. Anime Evangelion has awakened humanity in the world by joining hands to protect human society.

The magic containing countless mysteries of the universe’s nature is always a topic that arouses much curiosity from the audience. The free printable Neon Genesis Evangelion coloring page below is for kids and adults, especially anime and manga lovers.

Download or print these uniquely engaging Neon Genesis Evangelion coloring sheets and help bring the characters to life even more in your imagination. Have fun and get creative now!

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