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Last Updated: July 25, 2023

Popcorn is a beloved snack enjoyed by people of all ages. Its delicious taste and unique texture make it popular for movie nights, parties, and other gatherings. But did you know that popcorn can also be a source of creativity and entertainment? Imagine the thrill of coloring a bucket full of delicious buttery popcorn. With our Popcorn coloring pages, you can bring any flavor you desire to live. The choice from classic butter to mouthwatering caramel or cheesy goodness is yours! 

What’s In Popcorn That Makes Kids Love To Color?

Popcorn looks like a simple snack, but when we dig deeper, we know this dish has a long development history. When letting children color the pages describing popcorn, parents tell them about the irresistible fun facts of this food.

Popcorn is one of the oldest snacks in the world and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of popcorn dating to around 3600 BC at ancient burial sites in Peru. The reason popcorn pops is due to its unique moisture content. Each popcorn kernel contains a small amount of water inside the starchy shell. When heated, the water becomes steam, creating pressure inside the nucleus. The crust eventually breaks apart as the pressure increases, causing the popcorn to “explode” and expand into the light and spongy snack we all love.

Popcorn is often associated with cinemas and cinemas. In the early 20th century, cinemas began selling popcorn as a snack due to its low price and irresistible aroma, and it quickly became the staple snack of moviegoers. Popcorn is not only a popular snack but is also used to decorate and decorate on festive occasions. Popcorn strings and garlands are often made to adorn Christmas trees, and popcorn balls are a fun treat during Halloween. 

Popcorn comes in many shapes and sizes. There are many different types of popcorn kernels, each with its unique shape and color. Some seeds are round and smooth, while others are elongated or butterfly-shaped. When these seeds burst, they turn into fluffy and delicious popcorn that we all love to chew on! Children can enjoy coloring a popcorn-themed page while learning about popcorn seeds’ fascinating shapes and sizes. Kids can use their creativity to draw popcorn from different fillings and even design popcorn according to their imagination.

The next time you and your kids color or enjoy a bowl of popcorn, remember its long and fascinating history, and enjoy the delightful “pop” that has made it such a unique and beloved snack worldwide!

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Top Best Popcorn Coloring Pages

Here, we will suggest the most popular popcorn coloring sheets. All of them are available on and are entirely free for all ages. Some coloring pages feature popcorn characters with distinct personalities and even invent their popcorn-themed narratives. These coloring pages offer delightful scenes to color and enjoy, whether at a movie night, carnival, or popcorn-themed party.

Two Dogs With Popcorn

This delightful coloring page features two cute, friendly dogs enjoying a big popcorn bag. The dogs are depicted with wagging tails and happy expressions, showcasing their excitement for the movie and the delicious treat. They are sitting side by side, holding a bag of popcorn between them. For coloring, you can use a mixture of colors to highlight the dog’s coat and features and bright and attractive colors to paint the outside of the popcorn bag.

Two Dogs With Popcorn Coloring PageTwo Dogs With Popcorn Coloring Page

Funny Popcorn

You will see the charming and funny side of the popcorn character. This is designed for children who love cartoon characters. The popcorn bag has both arms and legs and a smiling facial expression. The top of it is filled with popcorn kernels of various sizes. The creation of this fun and exciting cartoon popcorn bag will bring smiles to all who color it!

Funny PopcornFunny Popcorn Coloring Page

Happy Popcorn

Indeed your children will have to laugh when they see this hilarious picture and choose it to print and color. In this coloring page, two adorable bags of cartoon popcorn are frolicking together in a playful and playful setting. Both bags of popcorn are depicted as cartoon characters with arms, legs, and big smiles on their faces. They are playing catch-up. Parents can encourage kids to use their creativity and imagination when coloring pages, add their personal touches, and bring cartoon popcorn bags to life with their favorite colors.

Happy Popcorn Coloring Page

Happy Popcorn Coloring Page

Cute Cat Eat Popcorn

This scene captures the charm and cuteness of a feline friend enjoying a delicious snack. The cute cat is depicted with a contented smiling expression, showing an interest in the popcorn. Popcorn illustrated in a simple bag. You can use warm colors for the cat’s coat, such as brown, orange, or gray, and bright yellow for the popcorn kernels. Add small details to the cat’s whiskers and claws for a more adorable look.

Cute Cat Eat Popcorn Coloring PageCute Cat Eat Popcorn Coloring Page

Popcorn And Soda

This fun and delicious palette features a classic movie theater snack combination of popcorn and soda. The coloring sheet showcases a large bucket of popcorn filled with fine grains. Kids can color popcorn kernels in warm yellow, adding butter or salt details for an authentic feel. Next to the popcorn is a refreshing soda cup full of air bubbles. Kids can use their creativity to choose their favorite soda color, cola, lime, orange, or any other delicious flavor. Creating this coloring sheet is a fun and engaging activity that allows kids to celebrate the joy of movie snacks and the excitement of movie nights.

Popcorn And Soda Coloring Page

How To Draw Popcorn

Our video tutorial on How to Draw Popcorn is designed to be easy for kids and adults. It provides step-by-step instructions on drawing and coloring Popcorn, from sketching outlines to adding details and coloring. Videos are free to watch on our website and can be downloaded anytime. This drawing of popcorn has more details than the simple drawing. The popcorn kernels are larger and more defined, and the colors are more realistic. You choose yellow to paint the popcorn kernels. Combining ochre and red on the outside of the bag is possible.


There’s something therapeutic about coloring; Popcorn coloring pages are no exception. These pages allow us to unleash our creativity and imagination while enjoying the delightful theme of popcorn. From coloring the kernels to the popcorn bucket, the possibilities are endless.

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