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Last Updated: January 31, 2024

We have updated and added the latest pictures of the mysterious pink villain in the Poppy Playtime series with the collection of 33 Kissy Missy coloring pages. These images are inspired by chapter 3 of the game.

It can be said that Kissy Missy is the feminine version of Huggy Wuggy. In the upcoming chapter of Poppy Playtime, Kissy Missy takes center stage with a much cuter appearance than in the previous two. Her fur looks cleaner and softer, with big sparkling eyes and a pink bow that adds an innocent look. However, we must still see if this is a real change or a clever disguise. Because this character still has many mysteries yet to be discovered.

In this topic, you will find lovely and sweet images of Kissy Missy holding a bouquet of flowers, cuddling with her heart and cuddling closely with Huggy Wuggy. With a no longer scary appearance, these coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages.

These pages aren’t just fun and help you delve deeper into the Poppy Playtime universe. You become part of the story when you bring Kissy Missy and the other characters to life with your own color palette. No matter your style, a perfect Kissy Missy coloring page is waiting to unleash your inner creativity.

To download any coloring pages, click on the image or link below. All coloring pages are high resolution, standard size and especially completely free.

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6 Unique Activities By Using Kissy Missy Coloring Pages

Coloring isn’t just an activity to “kill time”! With our Kissy Missy coloring sheets, you can turn them into creative and thought-provoking activities for your children.

Below are the six unique ways for you and your Poppy Playtime enthusiasts to fully utilize your imagination.

Play Kissy Missy Bowling

You can turn Kissy Missy coloring sheets into pins for a miniature bowling game. First, look for images with clear outlines and avoid images with too many small details, as they can be harder to cut out on cardboard.

After letting your kids finish coloring, cut the Kissy Missy pictures from the coloring pages. Next, glue Kissy Missys onto the cardboard pieces. If you want them to stand firmly, you can add straws or ice cream sticks to the bottom to make a base.

Now, use a cardboard box lined with felt or fabric to make a miniature bowling alley. Arrange the bowling pins in a horizontal row. Finally, you can take the softball and roll it down the lane. Let’s see how many Kissy Missy characters you can knock down!

Build A Kissy Missy Garden

Building a Kissy Missy garden with coloring pages is a fun way to unleash your child’s creativity and bring these adorable characters to life in a miniature world. You can print multiple images featuring Kissy Missy in different poses and outfits.

You’ll cut the Kissy Missy shapes from the coloring pages when you’re done coloring. You should stick them on pieces of cardboard to increase sturdiness. You can also cut simple shapes like squares or circles from cardboard to make room for Kissy Missy to stand. Use larger pieces of cardboard to make the main base for the miniature garden.

You can leave it flat or create hills and valleys using shredded paper spread underneath. Get creative and add detail to your Kissy Missy garden by adding twigs, moss, pebbles and flowers for a more realistic feel.

There’s no limit to what you can create with just a little imagination and simple materials. So, get your coloring paper and cardboard and get ready with your kids to build their amazing Kissy Missy Garden!

Make A Plushie

While directly turning the coloring pages into stuffed animals may not be possible, you can certainly use our coloring pages as inspiration and instructions to create an extremely adorable Kissy Missy stuffed animal! You will choose an image with the character in your favorite pose and style.

Once printed, place the coloring page on a new piece of fabric and use a pen to draw the outline of Kissy Missy onto the canvas. The next step will be to cut out the main body shape and any individual details such as ears, bow ties or shoes. Remember to leave a small border around the seam for sewing.

You will pin the pieces of fabric together along the edge, leaving a gap at the bottom. Then, sew them together. After sewing nearly half, stuff the cotton inside the two fabric panels and sew all the vertical lines closed. Now you have the Kissy Missy stuffed animal in your hands. Embrace your “new creation” one last time and show yourself pride!

Hold A Poppy Playtime-themed Coloring Party

With Kissy Missy coloring pictures as the centerpiece, you can create a fun and engaging atmosphere with your kids’ coloring party. You will provide many black-and-white pictures of Kissy Missy in different positions and difficulty levels.

You can divide into groups to compete with each other. Winning criteria included categories such as “Most Creative” and “Best Use of Color”. At the end of the contest, the winning team will receive prizes such as candy, small toys, or even handmade Poppy Playtime crafts.

We encourage you to adapt activities and decorations to your child’s age. Younger children may enjoy simpler coloring pages and crafts, while older children may enjoy more challenging activities and a spookier atmosphere.

Make Book Covers

The uniqueness and mystery of Kissy Missy goes beyond coloring pages! You can turn adorable images of this character into special book covers.

This idea is perfect for kids who love reading. Once printed and colored, you can cut out Kissy Missy’s head and arms, leaving a small outline. Then, stick them onto the book cover, creating a 3D effect where Kissy will appear from behind the paper.

You can even add a spooky message like “Beware of your danger!” below the book cover. We believe this unique book cover will inspire children to read.

Play Memory Game

You will need two sets of your favorite Kissy Missy coloring sheets to start the activity. Then, cut out each individual character or scene from the coloring pages. You must ensure two identical copies of each element for matching pairs.

Next, you will find a flat surface like a table or floor to spread the photo cards face down. You can arrange them in rows and columns or scatter them randomly. Players will take turns turning over two picture cards at the same time. If the cards are the same, turn them face down, and the player scores points. Flip them over if they don’t match, and the next player gets their turn. The player with the most pairs of identical cards wins in the end!

I hope these ideas help you and your kids create a memorable and fun Kissy Missy coloring experience! You’ll probably also have another topic or activity in mind. No matter what your idea is, we believe you will create the most wonderful final works. If you want to see more interesting coloring themes, remember to leave your email in the box below so we can send you the latest design updates! 

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