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Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Let kids use their imagination to experiment with different colors to fill Rangoli coloring pages. They are very helpful in introducing your children to Indian culture and traditions. Coloring these attractive and intricate rangoli patterns in various colors will not only develop creativity in children. Still, it will also become beautiful wall hangings and decorations once they are done coloring.

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Rangoli symbolizes happiness, positivity, and vibrancy and welcomes Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and luck. Inside this collection, you will find a variety of designs, from geometric, floral, and animal motifs to unique shapes and optical illusions. Whether you’re drawn to the drawings or the patterns’ symmetry, these pages allow children and adults to express their artistic abilities.

To start coloring, click on any image or link above to open a free PNG. Once opened, you can download or print as many pages as possible. In addition, you can also color online right on your mobile browser or computer.

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5 Unique Activities With Printable Rangoli Coloring Pages

Rangoli is often performed during Diwali and other Hindu festivals in India. Many children and adults love these designs. To make coloring activities interesting, please refer to our following unique and new ideas!

Make Stickers

You can use our Rangoli designs to create stickers easily. You can resize the illustrations by selecting a different print mode. Using sturdy paper or having tape on the back is also essential. After printing, let your child color the page with many different shades. Next, cut out the colored parts individually.

So you have brilliant stickers! Rangoli stickers can be used to decorate notebooks, cards, or other items and shared with family and friends as unique handmade works.

Create Jewelry

Our Rangoli designs make great jewelry, from dangling earrings to statement necklaces. You’ll print the designs you want to use on miniature sheets of paper and let your child color them with crayons. Then, cut them out and laminate them. You can punch holes in the top of each shape and hook them to earrings or necklaces. You can also add embellishments like beads, feathers, or even sequins sewn together to make the piece of jewelry truly your own.

Play Jigsaw Puzzle

Making jigsaw puzzles from Rangoli coloring pictures is a fun and easy way to entertain children. This is also a great way to recycle old coloring pages. After printing the coloring page, let your child color in various shades. Cut the Rangoli shapes into different pieces, depending on how many pieces you want to create. Put the puzzle pieces in a bag or box so children can assemble them.

Have children put the puzzle pieces together to form complete Rangoli shapes. Following these steps, you can create interesting jigsaw puzzles from Rangoli coloring sheets, entertaining children and exploring their creativity.

Create A Large Rangoli Style Mural

While traditional Rangoli is created on the floor, you can use Rangoli coloring sheets to create beautiful wall art. Print out the coloring pages and fill them with your favorite colors. Then, combine multiple coloring pages to create a large Rangoli mural on the wall, adding vibrancy and cultural richness to the space. We have a variety of Rangoli designs, so you can mix and match them to create a unique look for your wall.

Create A Coloring Book

You can use the Rangoli coloring sheets your child has colored to make a very meaningful gift. Print pages with beautiful and unique details. Then, compile the colored Rangoli designs into a book, add a cover, and attach the pages.

Give this coloring book as a gift to friends and family, giving them a unique activity that promotes creativity and relaxation. You can also color and cut into stickers attached to the book cover to create a special touch for the gift.

Rangoli coloring sheets inspire your child’s creativity as they experiment with different colors to fill the image. These rangoli coloring pages can have many uses once your child colors them. Please rely on our ideas to organize interesting coloring activities for children. Let us know which one your kids like best from this list of rangoli coloring sheets by commenting below on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Also, feel free to suggest other fun coloring pages and activity ideas. These contributions will help improve the website and bring more value to users.

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