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About us


Hi, little ones and dear parents. I’m Nam Nguyen. Do you know We are theme creators and content editors and introduce unique coloring pages to people worldwide through this website. We are passionate and love the color because we realize that color is the factor that makes people’s lives, moods, and thoughts more diverse.

Coloring Pages Only mission is to empower teachers, parents, and children with high-quality, easy-to-use, and free printables.

Painting and drawing are The simplest activities for everyone to immerse themselves in the colorful world. My associates and I have found common interests and passions in establishing and developing this website. Please look forward to the value that our products bring.

Why have

My associates and I are from the young generation. We share the same passion and interest in color and creativity. We had much time to experience and learn about coloring and painting activities. Colors and coloring are wonderful things in our lives. We can see the beautiful world with our eyes, feel the beauty of nature with our hands, and desire to reproduce those artistic values through coloring. We want to spread the energy and bring the values we get from coloring to everyone. Spiritual values and a colorful life motivate us to establish and develop this website.

What will you get from

Our website includes pictures on many topics in life. It can be fun and have lovely themes for kids, artistic subjects for adults, or colorful abstract paintings for coloring lovers. Our products are aimed at a specific audience of children of all ages, but we also create and bring new and unique pictures to adults. We hope that no matter who, gender, or age, they can unleash their passion for color and painting.

With more than six years of establishing and developing coloring page products, we are confident to bring practical values and benefits to people through coloring activities. Children are trained, hone skills, and gain valuable experiences for study and work. Adults can choose coloring activities to feel the positive things in life. Color has a significant influence on human thinking and perception. People who are often exposed to diverse colors will quickly recognize their emotions and control their emotions.

Color brings solutions to help people better balance emotions. Children are often taught by their parents to recognize colors from their feelings. Each color has its characteristics and brings different emotions. Children can call emotions through the attributes of colors: Blue expression of calm, pink is tenderness, orange is freshness, or yellow is strength. We should enjoy life and perceive the world in different colors. People will be creative and think better in study and work.

You are not skillful, you are not a person with a rich imagination, or you must learn how to harmonize colors. Then start with our simple coloring pictures, then improve your skills with unique art pictures. We encourage children and parents to join in coloring and creating together. Joy and happy moments always bring people creativity and positive energy.

We will be a reliable companion for you and your children! and many other websites have taken the goal of transmitting energy and bringing practical values to children. We want the children around us to have the opportunity to discover their talents and a beautiful world from excellent colors.

Our coloring pages are created, designed, and synthesized according to children’s interests and adults’ wishes. Quality coloring pages will make your little one’s world more extensive and beautiful. We will not only stop at quality products but always explore and create coloring pages that bring more practical value to everyone. To create value continuously, we must understand people’s trends, preferences, opinions, and aesthetics.

All coloring subjects are available on the website; you must find and choose the coloring pages you and your child love. You can also choose to color directly on the website from our guide.

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Frozen coloring pages

Paw Patrol coloring pages

Psychedelic Coloring Pages

Mandala coloring pages,

and more!

Meet the team:

Meet the website’s creative and design team. We are coloring and enthusiasts lovers. We had a lot of time to experience, research, and learn about the benefits of coloring to people of all ages. We decided to set up a website and bring unique coloring products for kids and adults. We hope the coloring themes we create, design, and synthesize will be valuable products for human development.

  • Mr. Nam Nguyen

    He is working and living in the US. After years of researching and supporting images for Google, he wanted to create educational and entertaining products for children and adults. Nam Nguyen also aroused the passion for painting and coloring of the members of this project. From his experience and perception, he wants to bring valuable, quality, free pictures to children worldwide. He owns this website – Founder and gives ideas for setting up and building team members and value-oriented products, making them more popular and practical for users. With many years of experience in the field of websites and creating products for children, Nam Nguyen hopes that will always bring positive influences and practical values to everyone in the world.

  • Mr. Mantasstonys

    Mantasstonys is a design member and comes from Las Vegas. He has many years of experience consulting and designing website interfaces. He is also the designer of many other big and famous websites worldwide. When visiting You’ll quickly see the products and articles you’re looking for. With a simple, convenient, and aesthetic design, we will give children and parents a feeling of closeness and familiarity and easily find, select and download the right coloring pages.

  • Mr. Bradhallett

    He is from Ottawa and is in charge of website technology. All features and interfaces are set up and built by Bradhallett on You can download coloring pages to color and use the coloring app directly on our website. He designed and created technical operations that fit the needs of the user.

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Mai

    Mai is a content creator. She has a long time studying at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She is passionate and loves visual design, painting, and art creation. She is an essential member of the children’s coloring page creation project. She has a lot of experience understanding the market, needs, and trending topics of children and adults in coloring activities. Then, she’ll set up new, unique themes and go about finding, creating, and designing themed coloring pictures for everyone. Her products are always special, interesting, funny, and aesthetic. You can search for any coloring theme on the website. We have categorized coloring pages by trend, age, gender, and need.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Thoa

    Thoa is a member and is responsible for creating content for the website. She studied at Kansas University. She loves writing books and learning about educational products. She has many years of experience writing content for many educational websites. When you want to choose a suitable coloring subject for your needs, age, or gender, you can find and read the resources and information that we have presented on the website. Those will be necessary and useful knowledge for your understanding. The stories, meanings of characters, cartoons, or great benefits of coloring pages are all introduced and fully exploited by us in the article section of the website. Please read the articles and choose a suitable coloring theme for your kids!

We look forward to hearing from everyone and hope coloring pages will be a great companion product for every family.

Don’t worry, and give us feedback. If you have any questions, you can contact us through: