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Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Our 65 newly added April Fool’s Day coloring pages provide a fun holiday celebration this year. These printable pages feature a uniquely involving design, allowing children and adults alike to express their creativity while embracing the spirit of jokes and laughter.

April Fool’s Day happens every year on April 1. Everyone deceives their friends and family; even the media gets involved with silly stories. The goal is for everyone to have fun and laugh when, at the end, someone shouts, “April Fool’s!”.

The clown and Pinocchio’s nose are popular symbols associated with this holiday. Pinocchio’s famous nose grows longer every time he lies. Clowns are associated with funny and silly pranks, perfectly embodying the spirit of April Fool’s Day.

There are only 10 days left until April Fool’s Day this year. To celebrate the holiday, we’ve updated our collection of free printable April Fool’s Day coloring sheets waiting for you to unleash your creativity. These pages feature fun images that capture the spirit of the holidays. You will find silly clowns, clown heads jumping from a gift box, and mischievous pranks. While coloring, you might even come up with some ideas for harmless games for your upcoming April Fool’s Day.

So, prepare your coloring tools and choose your favorite page. All coloring pages are for non-commercial use so that they can be freely printed in large quantities.

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7 Exciting Activities By Using Free Printable April Fool’s Day Coloring Pages

April Fool’s is the only day of the year dedicated to fun and silly pranks. So, use these holiday illustrations to create activities that bring laughter and creativity.

Make Stickers

This idea is absolutely amazing and is sure to delight the kids. First, you’ll choose from our variety of free printable coloring pages themed April Fools.

Consider choosing bold, clean designs with images like prank clowns, silly jokes, or other holiday symbols. You should choose the size and type of sticker paper that matches the printer. It can be found in stores or ordered online. Gather the kids and ask them to color the pictures in bright colors in the spirit of April Fool’s Day.

After completing this step, take scissors and cut colored shapes along the outline. If you don’t have sticker paper, apply double-sided tape to the back of each cutout. Use these stickers to decorate prank items, cards, decorations or April Fool’s Day gifts.

April Fools Day Coloring Pages craft 1

Create Photobooths 

People take photos on April Fool’s Day to commemorate memorable and fun moments. Spice up your photos with inexpensive homemade photobooths from our free coloring pages.

To start, choose suitable coloring pages and print them on cardboard. The next step is to use markers or watercolors to color the images.

You can add glitter to the picture to make it stand out. Then, cut out the colored shapes. Now, it’s time to attach the stick to the back of each cutout with tape to create a handle.

Consider decorating the handle with color or craft paper like the one pictured below. Remember to share photos taken with this unique photo booth on social networks for everyone to see.

April Fools Day Coloring Pages Craft 2

Design An April Fool’s Day Card

The April Fool’s card is like a small but meaningful gift that brings laughter to the recipient. You can personalize the card by creating your own from the coloring pages.

You’ll choose a few free printable April Fool’s Day images with fun and silly designs. Consider choosing images that say April Fool’s Day. Use the available crayons to color details with vibrant tones.

After coloring, you will cut out the colored part and glue it to a piece of colored cardboard. If you want the card to stand out more, decorate it with glitter, ribbon or lace.

You need another colored craft sheet like the April Fool’s card-making video instructions. Then, paste the image onto this blank card. Finally, open the card and write a cheerful message to wish the recipient a happy and memorable holiday.

April Fools Day Coloring Pages Craft 4

Make A Prank Box

Here’s how to surprise your friends or relatives with a harmless and cheap joke. With our free coloring pages, you can create a prank box very simple. You will choose to print images related to April Fool’s Day, such as clowns or prank boxes.

Have fun and be creative with color choices to make the image eye-catching and vibrant. Once you’re done coloring, cut out each colored image separately.

You will prepare a small container and glue the cutouts around it. You can fold it into a gift box shape or take an existing one at home. To create a surprise, you will place fake bugs or springs inside the prank box.

Once the box is finished decorating, carefully put the lid on top and seal it tightly. On April Fool’s Day, put the box in a location where the victim doesn’t expect it. You can also leave a message or sign to invite them to open the box.

Play A game Of Hiding Pictures

You can organize entertaining games for both children and adults to create a fun moment on April Fool’s Day. Our collection of free printable coloring pages is filled with fun and unique images.

You can print them on thick paper and ensure the size is large enough to hide. Before starting the game, color the images and cut them according to the outline.

You will choose a play area like the backyard, living room or classroom. Hide cropped color images in various locations. This is when you show off your inner sense of humor.

Gather all the participants and explain the rules of the game. You can set a timer to add more fun challenges to the game. Whether playing indoors or outdoors, it will certainly bring excitement and laughter to everyone involved.

Turn Into Puzzles

You can create puzzle pieces to add an engaging and educational activity to the April holidays. Before starting the idea, you will color the images with your creativity.

If you want to increase durability and avoid water damage, laminate the coloring pages. The next step is to use scissors to cut the coloring pages into pieces of different shapes and sizes.

Once all the pieces are cut out, mix them together and place them on a countertop or container. Whether played alone or in a group, this puzzle game will help players develop their memory and problem-solving abilities.

Decorate Your Space

Using coloring pages, transform your home or classroom into a fun and whimsical April Fool’s Day atmosphere. After coloring the pages, cut each image along the outline.

You can use it to make a wall decoration decal or stick it on cardboard to create a banner. Or make a topper to decorate cakes like the image below. Arrange pre-cut colored images in small glass jars to create party table decorations.

Once finished, step back and admire your work. Your home space will become a fun environment and bring smiles to those who enter.

April Fools Day Coloring Pages Craft 3

What craft and game ideas do you like this April Fool’s Day? Can you combine or create some other ideas? Share with us the craziest April Fool’s Day prank you’ve ever played on someone. We’d love to know it.

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