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Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Enter the inspiring world of the talented human rights activist with our unique collection of Martin Luther King Jr coloring pages. These coloring pages are about more than just crayons and paper. It is a vibrant journey into the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a hero who fought for equality and justice through the power of peaceful words and actions.

In this topic, you will find simple or detailed illustrations of Dr. King with his warm smile, determined eyes, or the iconic “I Have a Dream” pose. Some pages feature images of doves, rainbows, or clasped hands, symbolizing Dr. King’s message of peace, equality, and unity.

Our engaging series of coloring pages is designed to bring to life the iconic leader’s powerful messages of equality, justice, and solidarity, making them accessible to users of all ages. Martin Luther King Jr.’s coloring sheets also help people understand the man who played a key role in the American Civil Rights Movement.

As you immerse yourself in this coloring experience, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit pivotal moments in history, reflect on civil rights struggles, and celebrate the lasting legacy of a visionary who dared to dream of a better, more comprehensive world.

Let’s join us on our journey to color, learn, and celebrate the remarkable contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. When you like a page, simply click on the image or text below to download or print as required. All of these high-quality pages are for non-commercial use.


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5 Unique Ideas With Free Printable Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Pages

Parents and teachers can participate in other activities to make the children’s coloring process fun and engaging. We will suggest some fun ideas to combine with Dr. King Jr.’s coloring pages.

Design A “I Have Dream” Mural

You’ll start this idea by choosing coloring pages that represent different aspects of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, activism, and the Civil Rights Movement. They include pages with images from the “I Have a Dream” speech and important events such as marches and protests.

You can then distribute the selected coloring pages to the children and encourage them to color the images thoughtfully, paying attention to details and using a variety of colors. The next step is to design a banner that says “I have a dream” in big, bold letters.

Once all the coloring pages are completed and dry, arrange them on a large sheet of poster paper or stick them directly on the wall if feasible. You can incorporate quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. around the mural to reinforce the themes of equality, justice, and dreams. When the mural is complete, display it in a prominent location, such as a community center, school, or library.

Make A Civil Rights Poster

You will choose a coloring page featuring a striking portrait of Dr. King. We suggest the best option is an image with a determined gaze or a raised fist.

The next step is to cut out the portrait and mount it on a colored background of your choice (blue, green, or purple can evoke hope and freedom). Adding a powerful quote from Dr. King in bold, contrasting type below the portrait would be perfect.

We can suggest options such as: “Darkness cannot dispel darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot dispel hate; only love can do that.”,”The time is always right to do what is right.” Or “Finally free! Finally free! Thank God Almighty, we are finally free!” Finally, decorate the poster with additional elements such as doves, rainbows, or clasped hands, symbolizing peace and unity.

Create A Dr. King Badge

This can be quite a unique and symbolic idea to honor the civil rights leader. You should choose coloring sheets that feature an image of Martin Luther King Jr.’s highlights, symbols of peace, or quotes related to his activities.

Once you’re done coloring, carefully cut out the colored images. Focus on elements that can be used to create badges. Laminate the images or cover them with transparent, glossy paper to protect the badge longer.

After laminating, carefully cut out the final badge shape. You can choose the classic round badge or other unique shapes to your liking. Attach a safety pin or adhesive pin to the back of the badge. Finally, distribute Dr. King’s badges to friends or relatives to encourage them to wear the badge as a symbol of honor, remembrance, and commitment to the principles of equality and justice.

Play Memory Game

The first important part of this fun game is to print out multiple copies of the illustrated Martin Luther King Jr. coloring pictures. Once you’re done coloring, you’ll cut the colored images from the coloring pages.

You’re sure to have identical pairs of images. For example, if you have an image of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking, create another identical image of the same scene. Then, paste each color image onto a cardboard or thick paper. This will make the cards more durable and give them a uniform size.

When the cards are ready, shuffle them and arrange them face down in a grid on a flat surface. Players turn over two cards simultaneously, trying to find identical pairs.

If the player successfully matches a pair, they get to keep their cards and take another turn. If the cards do not match, they are placed face down again, and the next player takes a turn. The game continues until all pairs have been matched. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.

Make Bookmarks

This can be a fun and meaningful way to retain his message while reading a good book. Like the activities above, you will first choose a coloring page featuring Dr. King’s prominent portrait.

Then, cut the portrait into a suitable rectangle to use as a bookmark. Decorate the back of the bookmark with a solid color or a simple pattern using markers, paint, or decorative paper.

The next step is to make a small hole near the top and attach a ribbon or tassel for hanging. We encourage you to turn these bookmarks into a fun activity for yourself, with friends and family, or even as a classroom project to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

As Black History Month approaches, we want to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with fun activities at home and education in this classroom. In addition, we also have many interesting collections of coloring pages on many different topics. All of them are always updated according to the needs of users worldwide. So, please visit our website to get the best choice!

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