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Ramadan Coloring Pages

Introduce your little ones to the holy month of Ramadan – one of the most important holidays for Muslims around the world with our free printable Ramadan Coloring Pages.

Ramadan is the name of the 9th month of the Arabic lunar calendar. The holy month of Ramadan will begin at the time of the new moon, which is the beginning of the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, so there is no fixed date according to the solar calendar. Many people call Ramadan simply “month of fasting” or “month of fasting,” but both are incorrect because Muslims don’t eat, drink, smoke… during the time from sunrise to sunset.

The holy month of Ramadan is becoming more and more familiar to people worldwide.

The days of Ramadan are divided according to the following degrees: from 1-10, Ramadan is considered days of prayer to receive “the mercy of Allah,” from 11-20 Ramadan are considered days “Allah erased” Sins,” from 20-30 Ramadan are regarded as days of prayer to “avoid going to Hell. During this month, devotees often get up at night to read the Koran and go to the synagogue more than usual. In addition, during the holy month of Ramadan, they have to perform other obligations such as doing charity, praying five times a day, and making a long pilgrimage to Mecca.

One of the rituals that Muslims are required to observe during the holy month of Ramadan is “Sawm” – no eating, no smoking, no sex between sunrise and sunset, having sympathy for the poor, practicing self-control, resisting material temptations, to facilitate later entry to heaven. However, Muslims do not consider this a mandatory requirement; on the contrary, they see it as a way to train mentally and physically.

Ramadan is considered the holiest month for Muslims. Through these Ramadan coloring pages, you can teach your children how to train mentally and physically, sympathize with those who are poor, do not have enough to eat. Coloring can help children absorb most effectively. Collect your favorite coloring sheets and make them stand out and make more sense. Colors have no limits, have fun with your favorite colors right now.

Have fun!

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