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Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages

Through Cinco de Mayo, why don’t we learn more about Mexican culture together? These printable Cinco de Mayo coloring pages are a fun way to explore traditional Mexican symbols and festivals. There’s much to research, from the country’s colorful landscape to popular dishes! So grab your crayons and join the party with us!

The Cinco de Mayo festival in May in Mexico is familiar in this country but perhaps little known worldwide. Let’s learn about this holiday’s origin, meaning, characteristics, and role in Mexican history!

What is the Mayo Cinco de Mayo Festival in Mexico?

On May 5, Cinco de Mayo is held to commemorate the Battle of Puebla. That is the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French invasion in 1862. That is not the first time France has attacked Mexico. During the conflict between 1838 and 1839, France invaded and occupied the Mexican city of Veracruz. In 1861, France invaded Mexico again. This war aimed to collect debts from the war between Mexico and Spain.
The French army is vast and robust, equipped with many modern weapons, so it is difficult for Mexican people to defend their city. Finally, the French captured Mexico City. What do you think about the history of the Cinco de Mayo festival?

The Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, is considered Mexico’s most significant military victory and a symbol of the unity and patriotism of the Mexican people.

Although the French army was massive and well-trained, the Mexican people still defeated the French military with determination and strength. Therefore, they decided to make May 5 yearly the anniversary of this historic victory.

Cinco de Mayo has become associated with celebrating Mexican-American culture. Celebrations began in California and have been held every year since 1863. After that, the holiday became more popular around the world. On May 5 each year, they celebrate the Puebla victory, a regional celebration in Mexico, mainly in Puebla.

The holiday is celebrated in other parts of the country but is not as lively. It remains a popular holiday in the United States, observed annually as Cinco de Mayo.

How is the Cinco de Mayo Festival celebrated?

Today’s Cinco de Mayo celebration has become a music, food, and dance festival that attracts huge crowds of tourists. The festival is animated by folk dance; the men of the city wear traditional costumes with colorful costumes to perform in the square. The food and music are imbued with Mexican culture.

Learning about this festival with Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages:

If your kids want to learn about the Cinco de Mayo festival, we can still celebrate the vibrant Cinco de Mayo from the coloring pages. This way, children can unleash their creativity to turn black-and-white pictures into a colorful Mexican carnival. Parents can choose and print multiple coloring pages for free and quality Cinco de Mayo Coloring Sheets.


If you want a creative way to celebrate this festival, consider downloading these Cinco de Mayo coloring sheets. They will allow your children to explore Mexican culture while teaching them valuable lessons about respecting different cultures. Let’s choose and download your kids’ favorite coloring pages at colorpagesonly.com!

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