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Encanto Coloring Pages

Last Updated: July 31, 2023

Encanto is a moving story about a magical family in Colombia; the vibrant colors and joyful energy of the film are perfectly expressed in the accompanying coloring pages. This collection is for everyone, from lush tropical landscapes to intricate mandalas. We’ll take a closer look at the fascinating Encanto coloring pages, popular designs, and how they can be a source of fun and entertainment for kids after stressful school hours.

What Makes Children Interested In Ecanto And Coloring Pages?

”Encanto” is an adventure film depicting members of an indigenous family living in the mountains of Colombia. They are people who have been endowed with magical powers – except for the teenage protagonist Mirabel Madrigal who is still a mortal. She heard rumors and anecdotes about her outcast uncle Bruno and the unhappiness caused by his ability to see the future. Since then, Mirabel has made her journey of discovery about her values. And the story of that unique family is told in Latin, hip-hop, and Broadway music.

 Encanto is a particular movie that has a lot to offer children. Children love the idea of magic, and Encanto is full of it. From Mirabel’s ability to talk to animals to Bruno’s ability to see the future, there is something magical about every character in the movie. Encanto is set in Colombia, and children love learning about different cultures. The movie does a great job of incorporating Colombian culture into the story, from the food to the music to the clothing. Encanto is also a funny movie, and children love to laugh. The movie has many funny moments, from Mirabel’s clumsiness to Bruno’s predictions.

Another point that makes the film attractive to children and adults is animation. The animation in Encanto is impressive, and kids love looking at the colorful and detailed characters and backgrounds. Encanto is a positive film with a message of hope and acceptance. This is something children can identify with and can help them feel good about themselves. The songs in Encanto are engaging and fun, and children love to sing along to them. Your child must have sung a few lines from a song called “We Don’t talk about Bruno” – Encanto’s title track which has inspired waves of frenzy on social media.

Encanto coloring sheets are very popular among children and adults who love this movie. These coloring pages depict various characters and scenes from the movie. You can choose their favorite character and use your imagination to decide how to color them.

Top Popular Encanto Coloring Pages

The coloring pictures below include illustrations of fan-favorite characters, as well as the Madrigal family and the magical candle. These coloring pages would be an excellent activity for children of all ages. They can be used as a relaxing way to spend time and learn more about the magical world of the village of Encanto. We look forward to your feedback to make the designs perfect.

Mirabel Carrying A Bag

This delightful coloring page features the main character Mirabel from the animated film “Encanto” carrying a bag on her adventure. Mirabel is a young girl with magical abilities, and she is depicted with her charming smile and enchanting personality. Mirabel’s bag can be decorated with intricate patterns and designs, showcasing her unique and magical belongings. You can use bold and pastel colors to make the coloring page visually captivating and engaging. Encourage children to use their creativity and imagination when coloring the page, adding their personal touches and bringing Mirabel’s magical adventure to life.

Mirabel Carrying A Bag Coloring PageMirabel Carrying A Bag Coloring Page

Strong Luisa Madrigal

This is a picture of a solid and determined character in the movie. No one else is the big sister Luisa. Luisa is a confident and formidable woman who possesses superhuman strength and resilience. Her solid and muscular build is highlighted on the coloring page, showcasing her powerful presence. For coloring, you can use bold and dynamic colors, capturing the strength and energy of Luisa’s character. 

Strong Luisa Madrigal Coloring SheetStrong Luisa Madrigal Coloring Sheet

Isabela From Encanto

This is a cute coloring page about Isabela, one of the main characters from the animated film “Encanto,” dancing with joy and passion. Isabela is a young girl with the magical ability to control flowers, and her spirit is as vibrant as the colors she commands. Her arms are gracefully extended as she dances, and her eyes are filled with happiness and excitement. Isabela is depicted in her beautiful and colorful dress, adorned with floral patterns, reflecting her magical gift. So when coloring, you can mix bright and pastel colors, making the coloring page seem captivating and joyful.

Isabela From Encanto Coloring PageIsabela From Encanto Coloring Page

Dolores And Camilo Madrigal

This coloring page depicts a touching moment between Dolores and Camilo Madrigal in the animated “Encanto.” Dolores is the family matriarch and has the magical ability to see into the future. Camilo is her husband, and he is a loving and caring individual. In the coloring page, Dolores is illustrated with her wise and kind demeanor, leaning in close to Camilo to whisper something significant in his ear. Camilo is depicted with a gentle and affectionate expression, showing his trust and admiration for his wife’s insights. You can mix soft and warm colors, reflecting the warmth and love between Dolores and Camilo. It can be a heartwarming and enjoyable activity, allowing fans of “Encanto” and newcomers alike to celebrate this meaningful relationship beautifully and artistically.

Dolores and Camilo Madrigal Coloring Page

Dolores and Camilo Madrigal Coloring Page

Antonio With Animals

In the enchanting Colombian rainforest, Antonio shares a special moment with a jaguar and a capybara. Antonio is depicted with his cheerful and playful personality, surrounded by the two magical creatures. A friendly and social capybara joins the scene, showing its gentle and approachable nature as it interacts with Antonio. A majestic jaguar, known for its grace and strength, sits calmly next to Antonio, exuding an aura of mystery and power. A friendly and social capybara joins the scene, showing its gentle and approachable nature as it interacts with Antonio. A vibrant toucan perches nearby, adding color and beauty to the rainforest setting. The background of the coloring page consists of a brick background and the text of the movie name symbol. You can encourage your child to use their imagination to add personal touches that capture interesting encounters between Antonio and other animals.

Antonio with Animals Coloring PageAntonio With Animals Coloring Page

How To Draw Encanto

Drawing and coloring Encanto cartoon characters can be a fun and creative activity. In the video below, we will show you how to draw the face of Mirabel Madrigal – the main character in this movie. You will draw her smiling face, big eyes, and wavy curly hair. Our tutorials are all simple steps, so suitable for all ages. You can see more detailed instructions in How to Draw Encanto. If your child doesn’t like this character, you can choose from coloring pages that describe many other Encanto characters in our unique collection of coloring pages.


We hope you enjoyed our selection of free Printable Encanto coloring pages. They offer a gateway to a magical world where imagination knows no bounds. Whether you’re a child, teenager, or adult, the joy and relaxation derived from coloring Encanto pages are incomparable. Some children might prefer the simpler pages, while others might enjoy the challenge of the more detailed pages. You can refer to more coloring pages about Disney characters and cartoons like Descendants or Fantasia. Please download and print as much as you like, and check back often for new additions to our collection. We’re always adding new designs, so you will find something that sparks your creativity.

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