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Last Updated: March 6, 2024

Spread love and positivity with these 47 I Love Mom coloring pages, all free to download and print! These pages provide a fun and creative way for children and adults to express their love for their beloved mothers.

You can create unique and heartfelt messages with various designs and styles to share with those you love. These coloring pages are not just for Mother’s Day but can also be used to celebrate a birthday or the upcoming International Women’s Day.

Let your imagination run wild as you color vibrant flowers, joyful hearts, and touching messages celebrating the special bond between mother and child. These coloring pages are more than just a fun activity; it’s also a thoughtful way to show your mom how much you care. Print the coloring pages, prepare your favorite colored pencils or markers and get ready to create a personalized masterpiece that mom will cherish forever.

To start coloring, click on any image or link below to open a free JPG. Once opened, you can download, print, or color directly on the page. All pages are standard size, high resolution and used for non-commercial purposes.

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8 Unique Ideas We Can Do With Free I Love Mom Coloring Pages

These ideas express your creativity, love and gratitude to your mother most thoughtfully and uniquely.

Make Greeting Cards

Nothing could be more appropriate for a card for Mom than a coloring page that says, “I Love Mom.” You can color the page of your choice and leave it whole or cut out individual details from the page.

A sheet of white or colored cardboard is folded in half to form the card base. You will glue the cut details to the front of the card.

You can add a special handwritten message inside to express your feelings for your mother. Adding other decorative details like twine, ribbon, stickers, or painted fingerprints will make the card stand out.

Refer to how to decorate the cards as shown in the image below, or create your own way. Surely, your mother will be extremely touched by this special gift.

Create A Paper Flower Bouquet

With this craft idea, you will choose coloring pages with the appropriate I Love Mom content to create paper flowers. Once you have finished coloring, you will cut out the colored parts to make the petals and leaves.

You can experiment with different shapes and sizes to get the look you want for each flower. Cut pieces of flower wire to make confetti branches.

Next, you will apply hot glue to the bottom edge of one of the paper flower petals. Place the floral wire and press firmly to secure it in place.

To add leaves, you will cut a leaf shape from cardboard to attach to the flower stem. You will gather the paper flowers and arrange them into a bouquet. Give this bouquet of paper flowers to your mother with gratitude and love.

Design A Paper Bag

To start the idea, you will choose the I Love Mom coloring sheets you want to decorate your paper bag. Color-selected pages using your favorite tool.

You can get creative with different colors and patterns to make the design eye-catching. After completing this step, you will cut out the colored parts and arrange them on the surface of the paper bag to create a beautiful layout.

Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue these details to the paper bag. After the bag is dry, you can fill it with meaningful gifts for your mother. She will appreciate the effort you put into creating this heartfelt gift.

Decorate Paper Dishes

Our I Love Mom coloring sheets are great for creating upcoming International Women’s Day party decorations. You will need coloring pages, paper plates, tape, and coloring tools.

You choose the designs and print them to a size that fits the disc surface. Remember that the paper surface may not hold up to traditional coloring materials so you can use markers for better adhesion.

Cut out the colored parts and stick them on the surface of the paper plate. If you want them to be durable and waterproof, apply a thin glue layer on the surface.


DIY Coasters

Like decorating paper plates, making your own placemats to decorate an International Women’s Day party is a creative gift idea. You will choose your favorite design and color it with different colors.

You need a sheet of foam or cardboard to make the base. Cut the colored designs to fit the size of the base. You can laminate or coat the surface with clear glue before cutting the details out of the page.

You will use glue to apply the base surface of the mat and stick the cutouts on it. Let the coasters dry entirely before using.

Create A Mosaic

This fun classroom activity allows students to give their finished artwork as a gift to their mothers. Choose multiple “I love you” images with different designs or messages to add diversity to the mosaic.

After letting the children finish coloring, instruct them to cut the colored designs into small, manageable pieces. Each group of students will prepare a cardboard sheet to make the base for the mosaic. Kids can use pre-cut shapes or create custom shapes by cutting cardboard to size.

Now, arrange the cut pieces on the base according to the pattern and secure them with glue. You only need a frame to wrap this homemade mosaic, which can be used as a gift for your mother for the upcoming holidays.

Design a Puzzle

To start the idea, you will choose one or more coloring pages of different designs and color them. Then, decide on the size and shape of the puzzle pieces. You can use a solid pattern or cut it free to create a challenge.

When you’ve cut the pieces, you’ll mount them on cardboard to make them more durable. Use clear adhesive paper to cover the top of the puzzle pieces.

Once finished, mix the puzzle pieces together and ask your mom to put them together. Each completed mosaic will express your unexpected feelings for her.

Make A Memory Jar

This is a sincere and meaningful way to let your mom feel how much she means to you. You will need a glass jar or cardboard box.

After coloring the I Love Mom images, you will cut them out. On the back of each cutout, write down memories, moments, and reasons why you love your mother.

Roll the cut pieces and tie a ribbon to secure them. Place the paper rolls inside a glass jar or cardboard box decorated with foam or cotton thread. Give your mom a souvenir jar with love and gratitude!

Whether used as a handmade gift, a thoughtful card, or to create cherished memories, I Love Mom coloring pages create a bond between you and your mom. With every stroke of color, these pages symbolize our endless love, admiration, and gratitude for our beloved women.

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