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Last Updated: March 25, 2024

We have updated and added the latest 47 Good Friday coloring pages. These pages are perfect for Sunday school group activities, individual coloring at home, or just for fun.

Good Friday is an extremely important day in Christianity. This year, it falls on March 29 to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. Even though it commemorates the death of Jesus, it is still called “good” because, according to Christianity, His sacrifice saved humanity. Today, Christians worldwide attend church services, fast, and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice.

Our Good Friday coloring sheets come in various designs and settings to suit all ages and interests. These pages illustrate Jesus on the cross, often with two thieves on either side and views below. Some pages depict scenes of Mary holding Jesus’ body after his crucifixion.

You will also find some photos of Jus’ journey to the cross. Our pages also range from simple, cartoon-style designs for younger children to more complex graphic designs for older children and adults.

Although Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus, you can use bright colors to remember His sacrifice and the promise of Easter. Parents and teachers can use these coloring pages to discuss Jesus’ sacrifice and the importance of redemption and forgiveness. As coloring, children can reflect on the importance of Good Friday and connect with the traditions associated with that day.

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6 Interesting Ideas We Can Do With Good Friday Coloring Pages

These activity ideas offer engaging and creative ways to use Good Friday coloring sheets to deepen understanding and promote reflection on the significance of this significant day in the Christian calendar.

Decorate A Mural

To begin this activity, you decide on the theme or focus of the mural. You can choose images depicting the passion of Jesus, his crucifixion, or moments of mourning of the people.

You will need a large blank surface for the mural and the necessary coloring materials, especially water-based paints. Once printed, tape all the coloring pages to the wall. This idea is suitable for classroom or community activities.

You will invite everyone to participate in coloring. Encourage color creativity according to each person’s preferences while still maintaining the general theme of the painting.

Make An Art Picture

This is a simple and practical idea. You will need a coloring picture related to the Good Friday theme, coloring tools, scissors, glue, and a picture frame. After choosing your favorite scene, you will print it out on a thick sheet of A4 paper.

The next step is to color each detail with water paint or markers and vibrant tones. As shown in the image below, focus on painting the background to make the picture stand out.

Take your time cutting out any excess borders around the coloring page. Step back and look at your painting, making final adjustments before displaying it.

Once completed, frame the picture and hang it in a prominent position on the wall for everyone to admire and appreciate. This is also a meaningful decoration for your home space to celebrate Easter.

Good Friday Coloring Pages Esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Design An Easter Card

Our Good Friday coloring pages also make attractive themes for Easter cards. This is a heartfelt way to share a message of hope and renewal with loved ones.

You will choose images with symbols related to Easter, such as a cross, an empty tomb, or a moment of prayer. You will choose bright colors and available coloring tools to make the image come alive.

Consider the symbolism of each image when coloring to convey its meaning. Next, cut each image out from the coloring page.

You will need a sheet of cardboard to make the card base. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of each cutout and adhere to the card base.

You can write a meaningful message inside the card to express your wishes and share your love for the recipient. This handmade card is a thoughtful reminder of the true meaning of Easter.

Good Friday Coloring Pages esty 2

Create A Coloring Book

By creating a Good Friday coloring book from this collection, you can provide a meaningful resource for all ages to explore the importance of Easter. How to do it is extremely simple.

You only need an internet-connected printer, cardstock, staples, binding rings, and coloring materials. Coloring pages are available on our website.

You just need to download or print them directly. Arrange the printed coloring pages logically to create a cohesive story. The sequence may include the scene of Jesus’ suffering, his torture by soldiers, his crucifixion, and the moment of mourning for the people and Mary before Jesus’ death.

You can stitch multiple photos together to create a cover or use digital software. Once you’re satisfied with the coloring pages and book cover arrangement, link them to create the book. You can pin the left edge of the hem or punch a hole and thread it through.

Make Religious Wood Wall Cross 

Start this fun idea by preparing a wooden cross base. You can buy a ready-made cross at the store or make it yourself by sawing and cutting a cross shape from wood. Choose the Good Friday coloring pages and print them at a size that fits the surface of the wooden cross.

Cut the details from the page and arrange the wooden cross in a suitable layout. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, you’ll color the images in vibrant red, orange, blue, and yellow tones.

Finally, a layer of transparent glue is applied to the surface of the details on the wooden tree. Hang it in a prominent location once finished.

Good Friday coloring pages craft 3

Create A Bookmark

These coloring pages are ideal as unique bookmarks for reading lovers. You will choose one or more Good Friday scenes from our collection. Shrink the image by half to fit the bookmark.

Once printed, you will color the images according to your creativity. Cut colored shapes from the page using scissors. You can cut each image individually or create design strips.

Arrange the images on a rectangular strip of cardboard and use glue to stick them together. To increase durability, you can laminate your bookmarks to prevent water absorption and tearing.

 In addition to providing fun activities for all ages, Good Friday coloring pages also spark discussion about this special day’s religious significance. Through coloring and reflection, people can connect with the meaningful message of Good Friday and prepare joyfully for the upcoming Easter.

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