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Last Updated: March 21, 2024

Our collection of 45 Holi coloring pages has just been added to celebrate the joyous occasion and spread festive cheer. These pages are designed for children and adults passionate about color and creativity.

Holi is a festival of colors celebrated annually in Nepal and India with regional celebrations worldwide. This holiday changes every year based on the Hindu lunar calendar. In 2024, Holi will be on March 24 and 25. This occasion marks the end of winter, the beginning of spring and the victory of good.

The festival lasts for two days. Everyone will throw natural colored powder and water balloons at each other. During Holi, people laugh, have fun and forgive each other regardless of age, gender and status. Our coloring pages come in various patterns inspired by the traditional Holi symbol. You will find scenes of people throwing colored powder at each other, dancing and playing music.

Some pages feature Holika Dahan campfire symbols, clay pots decorated with kanwats, Pichkari color gun or dhol drums. By coloring these pages, you can learn and explore the meaning behind the festival in depth. The Holi celebration also incorporates beautiful mandala designs suitable for adults who love meditative coloring activities.

You can print these pages and color them with your favorite colors. All coloring pages are free to print and download. You do not need to register or leave any personal information. If you want to save it to your computer or phone, click the download. This will allow you to access the images anytime, even without an Internet connection.

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7 Creative Ideas We Can Do With Free Printable Holi Coloring Pages

Whenever I think about Holi, I remember applying colors using a pichkari gun to throw colors at each other. As someone who has experienced it, I will share creative ideas to celebrate Holi with coloring pages.

Design A Bookmark

This idea is perfect for those who love reading and creativity. You will choose our free printable coloring pages. Images can include people throwing colors at each other, dancing together or simply designing a mandala.

After printing on cardboard at a small size, you’ll use markers or water-based paint to add vibrant colors. The next step is to cut the colored details out of the page.

You will prepare a rectangular cardboard and paste the cutouts on it. Consider laminating your bookmark card to keep it durable and waterproof. At the top of the bookmark, you will punch a hole to thread the ribbon through and tie a bow. A finished bookmark will look similar to our illustration below.

Holi coloring pages craf3

Make Stickers

Stickers are a very easy craft to make using coloring pages. You will need the correct type of sticker paper and size adjustment on the printer.

After printing your favorite designs, color them with markers to make the sticker stand out. Finally, use scissors to cut out the images individually.

If you don’t have sticker paper, add double-sided tape to the back of each cutout. To use, peel off the sticker and stick it to your laptop, water bottle, phone case or any surface.

Holi coloring pages craft 4

Create A Pop-up Card

Instead of making a regular Holi card, you can make it unique and surprise the recipient with coloring pages. First, you choose Holi coloring pictures with details easily converted into 3D pop-ups. Print coloring pages on thick paper for sturdiness.

You’ll use marks to add vibrant colors to the design, true to the spirit of Holi. Fold a piece of cardboard in half to make the card base. You should use a ruler to ensure the folds are straighter and sharper.

The next step is to cut each colored detail out of the page. Place the folded card base on a flat surface and use a pencil to sketch the outline of the details that pop from the coloring page onto the inside of the card. Use a craft knife to cut along the outlines you just sketched.

Apply glue to the back of the cut-out, place the colored details on the corresponding area in the card, and press down firmly to secure it.

Finally, open and close the card to make sure the details in the card pop out freely. Your Holi pop-up card is ready to gift to your friends and loved ones. When they open the card, they will be delighted with the colorful surprise that genuinely represents the joyful atmosphere of the festival.

Holi coloring pages esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Turn Into A Postcard

This craft idea is not too difficult to make, even for young children. You just need to choose your favorite Holi-themed images and print them on thick, high-quality paper. Before printing, adjust the postcard to the appropriate size, usually about 4 x 6 inches.

You will choose vibrant tones matching the festive spirit to color the images. If you want the postcard to stand out, you can draw a border around it and add glitter or other decorative elements.

Last but not least, write a message to the recipient on the back of the card, including the address on the right side and the postage stamp in the corner. This colorful postcard will brighten the recipient’s day and share festive cheer with them wherever they are.

Design A Gift Tag

The gift card idea has steps quite similar to making a bookmark. You will choose designs related to the Holi holiday, such as flowers, water guns, or scenes of people throwing colors at each other.

After printing on hard paper, you will color in a border around the image like our illustration below. Use the tool to make a hole at the top of the gift tag. Make sure it is large enough to thread the ribbon through. You can tie it around the gift or stick it with glue.

Holi Coloring Pages Craft 1

Decorate A Party

Decorating a Holi party using coloring pages is both simple and cost-effective. You can refer to some Holi party decoration ideas through video tutorials or follow our creative methods below.

Print out some coloring pages with scenes and details related to Holi and hang them on the wall to create a beautiful backdrop. You can mix and match different colors to add visual interest.

With the images after coloring, you can also cut them into triangles and string them together with a string to create bunting to hang in the house. Cut out colored images and attach sticks to the back of each image to create handheld photo props.

There are endless ways for you to get creative with Holi-themed coloring pages. These ideas will transform your party space into a colorful and memorable celebration for everyone involved.

Holi coloring pages craft 5

Make Puzzles

In addition to craft ideas, you can engage your children in educational fun with puzzles. How to do it is extremely simple.

You need to choose to print coloring pages with lots of details. Then, ask the kids to color them with their creativity.

You will cut the colored page into pieces of different shapes and sizes. Laminating the coloring pages before cutting should also be considered to make the pieces more durable. Finally, mix the puzzle pieces together and ask your child to assemble them into a complete picture.

Our Holi coloring pages offer a variety of fun and educational activities for both children and adults. Remember to share the final product with us, whatever idea you choose or in your own creative way. Your exciting creativity is the driving force behind our team’s creation of unique designs.

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