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The Boss Baby Coloring Pages is beautiful with lovely images of Boss Baby – a character that children cannot ignore.

Seven-year-old Tim Templeton is adventurous and imaginative, living happily with his parents and wishing for only the three of them to live together. One day, Tim is surprised to see a child appear at his house, and his parents call him brother. Tim feels jealous because the parents seem to give all their love to the child without paying attention to the petty complaints around him; he tries to convince his parents but only receives the answer that one day there, he will love his brother wholeheartedly.

That child can talk like an adult and introduce himself as ‘Boss.’ Boss Baby forces Tim to suck on a pacifier, bringing Tim to Baby Corp, a place where adult-minded kids are working to protect babies’ love everywhere. Boss explains to Tim; he is tasked with finding out why puppies are loved more than babies; he breaks into Tim’s house because Tim’s parents work for him. Puppy, a company, is about to hold an employee day “Bringing the kids to work.”

After the dangers and trials, the two gradually learned valuable lessons and began to love more.

The little ones surely love this mischievous Boss Baby. And coloring the Boss is even more exciting. Explore The Boss Baby coloring page now, then download or print your favorite coloring pages to color your favorite character. All coloring pages are completely free; you are free to have fun with vibrant colors. Have fun!

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