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Last Updated: June 25, 2024

Are you looking for fun black-white bowling images to color and unleash your artistic creativity? Look no further! This article is for you. Our collection of 41 bowling coloring pages has just been updated to satisfy your passion.

Bowling is a fun sport and a great recreational activity for all ages. It contains many surprising facts and interesting stories. Do you know that bowling originated in ancient Egypt around 3200 BC? Archaeologists have found objects resembling balls and pins in ancient tombs. Today, bowling is a fun and great recreational activity for all ages. And what’s better than combining the fun of bowling with the creativity of coloring?

Coloring is a recreational and great way to relax and express your personality. From bowling balls hurtling down the lane to poster illustrations and funny cartoon characters participating in bowling, each coloring page captures the thrill and excitement of this beloved sport. All coloring pages are free, with high resolution and standard size, ensuring the best quality for your coloring experience. 

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Top Criteria For Choosing Bowling Coloring Sheets 

Choosing the perfect bowling coloring sheets can be a fun and engaging experience for children and adults. However, to ensure maximum enjoyment and creativity, it is essential to consider some key criteria before selecting.

Suitable Age

Choosing age-appropriate drawings is important to make each coloring experience enjoyable and appropriate. You can choose pictures of basic shapes such as bowling balls, bowling pins, and runways with a few complex details for young children. Children can meet cartoon characters, such as Scooby Doo, Pooh, and Tiger, while enjoying bowling.

Some designs have bold outlines that make it easy for children to color without smudging. In addition, we have diverse themes such as competition scenes, funny bowling characters, or bowling equipment. These paintings, with many details and patterns, will challenge and stimulate the creativity of older children and adults.

Quality And Resolution

We understand that image quality is important in creating beautiful and sharp coloring pictures. Therefore, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality bowling coloring pages, ensuring a great coloring experience for children and adults.

All our coloring pages are designed with high resolution, ensuring images are sharp, clear, and blur-free when printed. You will admire every smallest detail of the picture’s bowling ball, runway, pin, and other elements. Not only does this make it easier to color, but it also gives the satisfaction of seeing the final result.

We pay special attention to creating thick, clear borders for images. This helps prevent the colors from bleeding, especially when children are coloring. You can confidently use many different types of colored pens without worrying about color mixing, ensuring the picture is always clean, beautiful, and sharp.

With the combination of high-resolution images and rich lines, we believe you will have the best coloring experience. Not only is it an entertaining activity, but coloring also helps you relax, reduce stress, and develop creativity.


We always want to bring you the best experience, so we have designed the process of downloading and using our bowling coloring pages to be simple and convenient. All bowling coloring pages on our site are completely free. You don’t need to pay any fees to download and use them.

You don’t need to create an account or log in to access and download coloring pages. Just visit the website, choose your favorite painting, and download it. We provide two options so you can use the coloring pages flexibly. You can print the coloring pages directly from our website if you want to color them immediately. If you wish to store coloring pages for later use or want to edit them before printing, you can easily download them to your computer.

5 Fun Ideas For Craft By Using Bowling Coloring Pages

We’ll show you how to utilize bowling-themed images to create valuable crafts.

Design A T-Shirt

You can turn colored bowling pictures into unique t-shirts. To do this, you need to Choose a large, clear bowling image from the coloring page, it can be an image of a player throwing the ball, a bowling ball rolling on the runway, or other bowling symbols such as pins and shoes. 

You can also choose a dedicated design to decorate your t-shirt in our collection. If the image has been printed, you can color it with felt-tip pens or water-based paint. If you save it to your computer, use Photoshop or Canva editing software to adjust the size and color of the image on the coloring page. 

Then, you print it on heat transfer paper and iron it on the t-shirt according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to let the paint dry before performing the steps!

bowling coloring pages craft Tostadora UK 1

Image source: Tostadora UK.

Make A Poster

 ​​Using black and white coloring pages to create a poster for a bowling tournament or decorate an amusement park is creative and cost-effective. This is a great way to express your creativity and personalize your artwork without worrying about copyright issues. 

You can print or download the coloring pages. Then, use many bright, vibrant colors to create prominence and attraction. We encourage combining different coloring techniques such as layering, smearing, and shading to create depth and effect in the image. 

You can also use editing software to enlarge the image to the desired poster size, adjust color and brightness, and add desired details. The next step is to scan or take a photo of the colored image with high resolution and print it on quality paper.

bowling coloring pages craft esty 2

Image source: Esty.

Create A Bowling Game Model

You can create a fun mini-bowling game at home using bowling coloring sheets. First, you print images like bowling balls and pins. The next step is to color the bowling pin shapes and cut each out. Then, glue each pin image onto a piece of cardboard to make it more durable and firm. 

When creating the ball, you will do the same steps. Find a flat surface that is long and wide enough to make a bowling alley; it can be the floor, a table, or a large cardboard sheet like the example below. 

Now arrange the bowling “pins” into a triangle at the end of the runway. Stand a sufficient distance from the “pins” and roll the bowling “ball” towards them. You can decorate the bowling “pins” and “balls” with motifs, patterns, or writing.

bowling coloring pages craft 3

Decorate Birthday Card

Our bowling coloring sheet will be a unique and fun idea to decorate a birthday card for those who love this sport. You will color the bowling picture on your favorite coloring page as usual. 

Then, cut out the colored image with scissors. You must prepare a blank card or use folded cardboard to create a card base. Next, paste it on the front of the card. You can add glitter and stickers to decorate the card. 

Like the handmade card inspired by Pinterest, they used a faux wooden board as the background and glued around the border with red paper. You can refer to similar decoration methods if you don’t have any other ideas. Finally, write a birthday greeting inside the card for the recipient.

bowling coloring pages craft 4

Make A Keychain

Decorating a key chain with a bowling stencil will be a unique gift. You choose your favorite bowling image and color it. In addition to the traditional colors white and red, you can use bright colors to make the keychain stand out. 

You can draw additional patterns or write names on the image. Then, carefully cut out the colored bowling image along the outline. If you want the keychain to be round, you can use a round object to make a mold and cut it accordingly. Apply clear tape to both sides of the cut image to protect the color and make the keychain last longer. 

You can also cut the tape into a rectangle, as shown below. Punch a small hole in the top of the image with a hole punch or the sharp end of scissors. Finally, thread the circle of the keychain through the hole you just punched, and you will have a unique keychain.

bowling coloring pages craft esty 5

Image source: Esty.

With the above suggestions, hopefully you will have more creative ideas to create unique and impressive crafts from bowling coloring pages. 

Once completed, remember to share your results by commenting on the same topic and posting it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for everyone to admire. You can also post on your personal page or group with the hashtags #bowlingcoloringpages, #coloringpagesonly, #DIYbowling, and a short description.

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