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Michael Myers Coloring Pages

Does Michael Myers Coloring Pages Scare You? Do not rush to skip this interesting coloring page. It’s interesting when you manually color the villain Michael Myers, which scares many people. A little interest from the artistic colors, a little fear with the killer character. Try experimenting with this coloring page; you will have a different feeling when coloring them.

Michael Myers, full name Michael Audrey Myers (also known as the Halloween Night Killer), is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the Halloween horror film series.

Michael Myers was born on October 19, 1957, in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois, USA. He lived in an unhappy family; his father died early, so Michael’s mother, Deborah Myers, went to marry an alcoholic man who only yelled at his family all day long, and Mrs. Deborah worked as a pole dancer. Michael also has an older sister named Judith Myers, who often bullies her brother. Only one person, the psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis, knew the evil heart and cold blood inside Michael’s innocent person because he saw that Michael had a fondness for killing dogs and cats.

Michael Myers is known as one of the killer characters with schizophrenia in American cinema. On October 31, 1963, because of the murder of his biological sister Judith Myers, Michael was put in a mental hospital. Fifteen years later, he fled back to the town of Haddonfield to find and kill his sister Laurie Strode; he wore a mask and killed everyone he met with a kitchen knife. This villain’s classic weapon is a kitchen knife.

Maybe you feel scared of this character, but coloring activity will reduce your fear because of the unique colors you choose to color.

Michael Myers Coloring Pages is completely free to download or print. Get the coloring page you like and color it now. Have fun!

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