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Rainbow high coloring pages are free and quality coloring pages. We present unique and beautiful coloring pages for children. It is an opportunity for children to develop creativity and thinking and practice their ingenuity.
Rainbow High is a famous fashion and cartoon. The cartoon has eight main characters – beautiful, colorful, and trendy girls studying at an art school. Their clothes, colors, and hair represent their personality, beauty, and understanding of color. Children can participate in coloring Rainbow high coloring sheets and learn how to create vivid pictures.


Rainbow High helps children discover clothes’ beauty and the importance of color to beauty. Color is the element that accounts for 70% of the beauty of things. Therefore, whether the girls in the Rainbow coloring pages become beautiful and fashionable depends on the children’s ability to color and combine colors.
Our girls are Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, etc. They are beautiful and gentle girls. They always wear trendy and stylish clothes. Parents give children Rainbow high coloring pages to give children the opportunity to explore the beautiful things of color. We provide diverse and attractive pictures for children.


If your little ones love Rainbow High dolls but don’t own them yet, these Rainbow High coloring sheets will be a great choice. Rainbow High dolls are adorable with beautiful eyes, long eyelashes, and soft long hair. You can help the girls show their talent and true colors so that the girls can shine at their school.

Little kids, Let’s take your vibrant crayons and create the Rainbow High dolls. The little ones can dress the girls in the most memorable fashion outfits in different colors. Parents can collect pictures of dolls so children can freely combine and create costumes for dolls in many styles that children love. We have fun coloring pages on the website! We hope your kids will have good memories with Rainbow High, Monster High or Lol Surprise Doll.

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