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Collect the Ballora coloring pages below and make Ballora as new and outstanding as possible. A ballerina who is always happy to wear her most beautiful dress to show her dance, Ballora also wants to be the most brilliant on stage.

Ballora is the main antagonist and animated ballet dancer in Five Nights at Freddy’s. She looks like a real ballerina and wears a blue bikini and a purple gown decorated with golden orbs. Ballora has rosy cheeks with matching lipstick, blue hair, and blue fingernails. Her eyebrows are thin and light blue. She wears golden pearl earrings and a pearl tiara on her head, making her one of the most decorated characters in the series.

Help Ballora stand out in every pose by dressing her in bright colors. Collect Ballora coloring sheets and let the kids express their creativity right away. Children are always interested in the world of color and always excited by interesting coloring themes. Parents help children own their favorite coloring sheets to enjoy playing with colorful crayons.

Let the kids experience the world of color with our fun and unique coloring sheets. Have fun!

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