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Turning Red Coloring Pages

Welcome to our free printable Turning Red coloring pages for kids. The Turning Red color sheets are the unique images from Pixar’s latest Turning Red animation. Turning Red set in Toronto, Ontario, in 2002, the film tells about  Meilin “Mei” Lee, a thirteen-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl who becomes a giant red panda when she falls into an emotional state of a strong movement. Mei Lee is confident and lovely and is torn between staying as her mother’s obedient daughter and the chaos of adolescence. From a young age, Mei studied hard and listened to her parents. However, Mei gradually felt pressured when she always had to put on the perfect label in the eyes of Ming’s mother – who wrapped her child too carefully. Mei tries to balance her studies, helping with the housework and enjoying school-age pleasures. One day, Ms. Ming gets angry when she discovers that Mei has begun to flirt with friends of the opposite sex. Overstressed and embarrassed, the little girl suddenly turned into a giant red panda – like a family mascot worshipping. Mei is a character with a modern breath with independent, confident, and ambitious qualities. Although she always acts mature, she still has innocent and lovely features for her age. Mei has almost no flaws until she reveals invisible pressures from her ambitious mother’s wishes. Mei hid her hobbies and pure joys of school age, such as painting and listening to music, for fear of disappointing Ms. Ming. The image of a red bear represents what Mei thinks is her weakness, contrary to her mother’s expectations. The film’s content is Mei’s journey to understand that flaws are also a part of who she is. She is faced with the choice of removing it to be “perfect” in her mother’s eyes or making her own life decisions. The Turning Red coloring sheets help convey messages about parenting or treating friends. Turning Red brings meaningful stories for adults and children, getting meaningful messages about family and friendship. Exciting things are waiting for you in “Turning Red and UglyDolls coloring pages: Experience coloring and discover lessons about dreams and family life through cartoons.” Get a collection of these unique and beautiful coloring pages for kids immediately. The kids will make these coloring sheets fun with their favorite bright colors. Have fun and get creative now!

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