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Mardi Gras Coloring Pages

Mardi Gras coloring pages take you to a bustling festival and once filled with exciting entertainment activities.

Mardi Gras festival, or Fat Tuesday, is when all the people will bring out all the food they have hoarded to celebrate.

Mardi in French means Tuesday, Gras is fat or excess. Mardi Gras festival, also known as Carnival Season, is no longer a traditional Christian holiday but has become an actual festival with huge parades and fun parties of certain countries.

Mardi Gras has fun and entertainment activities such as parades, costumes, traditional dances, parties with rich dishes. Masquerade masks are likened to the soul of the Mardi Gras festival. The people of New Orleans believe that wearing a mask helps them shake off personal restrictions to participate in the festival in the most comfortable way.

The three colors green, purple, and bronze are the traditional colors of this holiday. Each color has its meaning, purple represents justice, yellow of power, and green is the color of faith.

Indulging in this festive celebration, kids can use these three colors to bring the Mardi Gras coloring sheets to life. And not only that, the children’s creativity can be promoted on these unique coloring pages, many details for children to use different crayons to create the most beautiful pictures. Immediately collect the most amazing coloring pages for children to unleash their creativity and express themselves. Have fun and enjoy now!

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