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Vikings coloring pages introduce you to the good warriors who are always eager to fight, that is, the Vikings.

Vikings were explorers, traders, warriors, and pirates from the Scandinavian peninsula (the territory of present-day Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland from present-day Northern Europe) in the Middle Ages late rock.

The Vikings were famous for being good warriors. The Vikings were like roving warriors on boats or pirates, but they were also good farmers and merchants. Viking pirates sailed across Europe and the North Atlantic in longboats, raiding and plundering many rich lands in Europe, and settled in the conquered lands.

The usual Viking armament was an ax, a shield, a helmet with a nose visor (jernhat), and a battle shirt with gray or blue trousers. Only commanders use swords and armor; King Erik Vejrhat’s helmet has a small flag, and King Guldharald has a golden helmet.

Over the centuries, the Vikings have invaded many places and found today’s Canada, so it can be affirmed that: the Vikings were the first people to live in the “land of maple leaves.”​ Today, you can find pictures of Vikings in many parts of this country.

We have compiled unique pictures of Vikings; you can collect these coloring sheets for your kids to color. As children color, you can introduce Vikings to your child to better understand the history. Have fun!