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Last Updated: September 21, 2023

If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity that is also easy, then look no further than our collection of Rainbow Friends coloring pages. These delightful characters will surely bring joy and laughter to your little ones as they explore their artistic side. You can explore the game’s dark twists with these sheets, where bright and cheerful scenes hide strange surprises and unexpected horrors!

Getting to Know The Rainbow Friends Characters

The Rainbow Friends are the titular main antagonists of the Roblox horror game of the same name. They are a group of eight monstrous creatures that vary in size, behavior, and appearance. Cyan is the leader of the Rainbow Friends. She is a cyan-colored dinosaur-like creature with no arms, a large jaw, and a tail. She is also the first and only female Rainbow Friend to be introduced. Cyan is known for her aggressive behavior and ability to kill players hiding in boxes. She has a large alert range and can spot players from afar. She is also swift and easily catches up to players trying to run away.

Blue is the most threatening of all the Rainbow Friends, as he is always patrolling the area looking for lost children. He is a large, blue creature with sharp teeth and claws. He is also the only Rainbow Friend that drools. Green is a smaller, more agile Rainbow Friend. He is known for his speed and his ability to climb walls. He is also the only Rainbow Friend that can see in the dark.

Orange has a friendly appearance. However, he is just as dangerous as the other Rainbow Friends. He is known for his strength and his ability to throw heavy objects. Purple is a purple Rainbow Friend with a long, stretchy tongue. He is known for reaching through vents and other small openings. He is also the only Rainbow Friend that can talk.

Yellow is a small, yellow Rainbow Friend with a cheerful appearance. However, he is just as dangerous as the other Rainbow Friends. He is known for his speed and his ability to climb walls. Red is a red Rainbow Friend who is different from the others. He is not hostile towards the players but provides them with tips and guidance. He is also the only Rainbow Friend with no physical body.

Lookies appeared in chappter 2 of the game. They are small, round creatures in the second chapter of Roblox Rainbow Friends. They are based on the head of the main antagonist, Red. Lookies are harmless and can be used to help the player progress through the game. Lookies come in various colors, including blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, cyan, and a rare pink variant. The different colors of Lookies have no special abilities, but they can be used to collect a rainbow of Lookies, which is a fun challenge for some players. Lookies are a fun and unique addition to the Rainbow Friends game. They are not only cute and harmless, but they can also be used to help the player progress through the game.

There is no official Pink Rainbow Friend in the game yet, but it is a highly requested character by fans. There are many fan theories about what a Pink Rainbow Friend would look like and its abilities. Some fans believe that a Pink Rainbow Friend would be a friendly creature that could help the player. Others believe it would be a dangerous creature trying to kill the player. Another popular fan theory is that a Pink Rainbow Friend could control minds. This would allow it to force the player to do its bidding.

The Rainbow Friends are a dangerous and mysterious group of creatures. Learning about their strengths and weaknesses is important to survive in the game. The Rainbow Friends are still developing, so their backstories and lore may change.

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Explore Top Rainbow Friends Coloring Pages

In this collection, you’ll meet all the Rainbow Friends characters, including Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Lookies, and Cyan. There are also scary scenes from this iconic and beloved video game! All you need are some colored pencils and imagination to bring these pages to life. This video game always has new updates and changes to the characters. Remember to visit our website regularly to avoid missing out on interesting things.

Roblox Rainbow Friends In Box 

Blue, green, and purple Rainbow Friends in a box will be a sight! These three Rainbow Friends are some of the game’s most popular and iconic characters, and they look amazing together in a box. In the center of the box is the character Blue, wearing a signature crown with one eye covered like a pirate. The right side is Purple. He is a mysterious creature. Its appearance is only partially revealed in the game, with its long purple arms, glowing eyes, and triangular teeth being the only visible features. On the left is Green. He is a tall, lanky creature with green skin, googly eyes, and sharp teeth. It has long, rubbery arms and legs, and its body is mostly cylindrical. Green stuck out his familiar long tongue with a characteristic curious expression.

Roblox Rainbow friends in Box

Roblox Rainbow Friends In Box Coloring Page

Rainbow Friends Red

This is a very interesting image. Red Rainbow Friends are usually depicted as hostile and dangerous creatures, but in this image, they are wearing suits and raising their arms as if giving a presentation. This suggests they are trying to communicate with the player or persuade them of something. One possibility is that the Red Rainbow Friends are trying to trick the player. They may pretend to be friendly to gain the player’s trust, then attack the player when they least expect it. Another possibility is that the Red Rainbow Friends are trying to warn the player about something. They may be trying to tell the player about a danger that lies ahead, or they may be trying to give the player instructions on how to survive. Whatever the meaning of this image, it is clear that the Red Rainbow Friends are complex and mysterious creatures. They are not simply mindless monsters; they may have their own goals and agendas.

Rainbow Friends Red

Rainbow Friends Red Coloring Page

Orange Rainbow Friends

Orange Rainbow Friends laughing with their mouths open and leaning back is a sight to hold. It is an image of pure joy and amusement, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. It is also possible that Orange Rainbow are laughing out of happiness. Loved ones may surround them, or they may be celebrating a special occasion. Whatever the reason, Orange laughing with their mouths open and leaning back is a positive and heartwarming sight. It is a reminder that even the most fearsome creatures can be capable of joy and laughter. As its name suggests, you call dark orange to color the entire body of this game character.

Orange Rainbow Friends

Orange Rainbow Friends Coloring Page

Funny Cyan Rainbow Friends

You can see a funny Cyan in Rainbow Friends laughing. Perhaps she has just heard a joke, or she is simply enjoying themselves uniquely. The brick wall and aluminum cabinet in the background add to the humor of the image. Cyan is a bright, greenish-blue color. It is one of the subtractive primary colors, along with magenta and yellow. However, you can create colors according to your preference. The endless possibilities are part of what makes the image so funny and intriguing.

Funny Cyan Rainbow Friends

Funny Cyan Rainbow Friends Coloring Sheet

Yellow In Rainbow Friends 2

Yellow Rainbow Friend running is a sight to behold. It is a small, yellow pterodactyl with a sleek and aerodynamic body. Its wings are spread wide, and its tail is streaming behind it. Yellow Rainbow Friend is running at full speed. Its wings are flapping furiously. He is a new Rainbow Friend introduced in Chapter 2 of Roblox Rainbow Friends. It is a small, yellow pterodactyl that resides in Odd World. Unlike the other Rainbow Friends, Yellow is not hostile towards the player. It can be used as a transport method to reach the inflatable castle area of the map.

Yellow in Rainbow Friends 2 Coloring Sheet

Yellow in Rainbow Friends 2 Coloring Sheet


Rainbow Friends coloring pages are a wonderful way to engage your child’s creativity and imagination. Whether they color Cyan, Red, Green, Yellow, or the magical scenes, these coloring pages will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Download or print the best color sheets right away and let the kids create their own versions of their designs. Don’t forget to share your children’s wonderful artwork with those around them so that they can enjoy the wonderful works of children. We hope you have a great time with our coloring pages.

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