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Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Our newly updated and added 108 Minnie Mouse coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages, especially girls. We are always ready to introduce quality and free coloring pages for children who love coloring activities.

Minnie Mouse was famous from my grandparents’ time in the 1930s to my parents’ generation, me and my children’s generation, and this popularity has never diminished. Minnie Mouse appears with Mickey Mouse in animated films, movies, games, and commercial products. As the female version of Mickey Mouse, Minnie has an extremely cute appearance with big ears, a red bow, a polka dot dress, and high heels.

You can find images of this Disney character everywhere, from toys, clothes, and stationery to various decorations. That’s why we created this collection of Minnie Mouse coloring pages to provide a fun, relaxing, and educational activity for kids.

These pages feature Minnie in her iconic polka-dot dress. You can see her posing, lovingly holding Mickey and Daisy Duck. She also appeared in a beautiful swimsuit at the beach, transforming into a mermaid in the ocean or a lovely Tinkerbell.

Some coloring pages have simple lines suitable for young children or those just learning to color. More experienced people prefer complex images to experiment with shading and depth techniques. Whatever your preference, we have a choice for you.

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7 Interesting Activities We Can Do With Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages

Most children are attracted to Minnie Mouse. Parents, turn your children’s colored pictures into creative crafts per our suggestions below.

Design A Birthday Card

A birthday card featuring Minnie Mouse will surely make your little one squeal with delight. To start the activity, you will choose a coloring page that shows Minnie in a happy expression, such as holding a balloon, ice cream, or Starbucks milk tea.

Let your child color the image using bright tones. You must prepare a blank birthday card with the word “Happy birthday” printed on it like the picture below.

Children will cut out colored Minnie Mouse pictures and glue them to the front of the card. On the back, you can write a birthday message to the recipient.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages Craft 1

Make A Gift Tag

You can make your gift special with an adorable Minnie Mouse gift tag. You will have coloring pages in the right size for the gift sheet. You can download it and color it digitally.

If you don’t have a color machine, you’ll use markers to color the images in bright tones. Cut out Minnie Mouse images in distinct colors. You must prepare a blank gift card or make your own by cutting a small rectangular piece of cardboard.

Paste the cutout onto the gift card and write Thank You or a message to the recipient. Next, punch a small hole in the top of the card and thread the string through. This will allow you to attach a tag to the gift.

Minnie Mouse coloring pages esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Create A Minnie Mouse Mask

You’ll choose images with a clear, frontal Minnie Mouse face to start this craft idea. Focus on coloring the character’s face. You can use traditional Minnie colors like red, white, and black, or get creative with other color combinations like pink.

Pay attention to every detail, especially around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cut out the colored Minnie Mouse face from the page. Remember to cut the space between the eyes to create vision.

Make holes on both sides of the head to attach the elastic band so it fits snugly on the head. Finally, let your child wear a Minnie Mouse mask and enjoy the fun of dressing up as their favorite character.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages Craft 2

Turn Into A Minnie Mouse Bracelet

This craft project is extremely easy and practical for kids. You must prepare a rubber foam sheet, pins, scissors, a transparent adhesive center, and coloring tools.

To make the face of the bracelet, you will choose to print the Minnie Mouse images at the smallest size and color them. You can crop the entire image of the character or the most impressive part.

Use a transparent adhesive sheet and laminate it to make the cutout more durable. The next important step is to cut the rubber foam into a long rectangular strip so that the size fits the child’s wrist. Curl this long strip into a ring and pin the two ends together.

Finally, as illustrated below, you will glue the Minnie Mouse print onto the bracelet. Your handmade Minnie Mouse bracelet is complete! Let your child wear it on their wrist and proudly show their creation to their classmates or share it on social media.

Minnie Mouse coloring pages amazon 1

Image source: Amazon.

Design A Wall Sticker

Decorating your daughter’s bedroom with this DIY Minnie Mouse wall sticker is a cost-effective way to help kids get creative. You will choose images of characters in adorable poses in our collection of coloring pages.

Next, print the image onto a large-sized wallpaper. Color Minnie Mouse with markers, a bow, and a pink dress with white polka dots. The next step is to cut out the colored image and paste it in the most prominent position on the wall. Now, step back and admire the wall after it’s been decorated with adorable stickers.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages Esty 2

Image source: Esty.

Create An Art Picture

There is nothing complicated about implementing this idea. As with other craft activities, you will choose to print Minne Mouse coloring sheets. With the idea of ​​creating art paintings, you should print images in large sizes and on quality paper.

The next step is to create colors to your liking. You can experiment with different coloring techniques like shading or creating depth to make the image realistic. Use a small brush to paint details and a large brush for larger areas.

You can make the background a simple color or leave it blank to focus only on Minnie Mouse’s portrait. After the painting is completely dry, find a prominent place to hang it up for everyone to admire!

 Make Puzzles

In addition to crafting ideas, you can create a jigsaw puzzle game to let children have fun while learning their ability to remember and concentrate. You will choose images with clear lines that can be cut into puzzle pieces.

Print the coloring pages onto A4 size cardboard. If the images are not already colored, add vivid color before moving on to the next step. Apply the transparent adhesive sheet to both sides of the coloring pages and laminate them so they don’t tear.

Cut the images into different shaped puzzle pieces. Then, mix the pieces to create a fun puzzle. Finally, challenge children to see how quickly they can complete the puzzles.

The ideas using our Minnie Mouse coloring pages can be adapted to suit different tastes or occasions. You can be flexible and creative according to your conditions and preferences.

More than just providing coloring activities, our purpose in creating the collections is to provide opportunities to bond, learn, and express creativity. Don’t forget to share your and your children’s handmade works with us! That is the motivation for our team to create even more exciting designs!

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