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Last Updated: August 23, 2023

Today we will bring you various vivid The Little Mermaid coloring pages. When it comes to Disney’s animated movie world, surely children cannot help but be fascinated by those characters’ attractive, splendid, and equally unique images. Talking about the most memorable characters, we must mention beautiful Alice from Wonderland through Alice in Wonderland, Babette – Beauty and the Beast, Emma – Cinderella, or Flora – Human Beautiful sleeping in the forest. However, one character our children always love and want to transform into is the mermaid Ariel. We hope this series of paintings will help young people imagine a new worldview, a colorful world rich in children’s imagination.

The Mermaid Coloring Pages: Every Character is a Meaningful Story

The Little Mermaid is an animated film released by Disney in 1988. It is a timeless classic that has captured children’s hearts for generations. It is a story about adventure, friendship, love, and self-discovery. These themes resonate with children, making The Little Mermaid a film they can enjoy repeatedly. In the film, Ariel is a young mermaid who dreams of becoming human. She is kind, adventurous, and always willing to stand up for her beliefs.

The Little Mermaid is about following your dreams and never giving up on what you want. This message is inspiring to children, and it teaches them to believe in themselves. Ariel’s journey to become human is full of challenges and obstacles. She must face the Sea Witch, Ursula, and her father, King Triton. Children love the excitement and suspense of the story.

Morever, the Little Mermaid is one of the most visually stunning animated films ever made. The underwater world is brought to life with vibrant colors and detailed animation. Children are drawn to the beauty of the film. The Little Mermaid features iconic Disney songs, such as “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World.” These songs are catchy and easy to sing along to, and they help to make the film even more memorable for children.

In part 2 of the work, Princess Ariel is built according to a new image. Instead of the image of white skin, and red hair, Ariel, played by Halle Bailey, has colored skin and dreadlock-braided hair. Choosing the color for Princess Ariel’s swimsuit, shell, or long flowing hair is interesting. If your children are girls, your children have dreamed of being lost in the sea world, having a beautiful and beautiful tail, and wearing the most brilliant sea world colors.

For those who like blue and red or want to combine the most colorful colors to make Ariel the gorgeous girl, let’s paint the most beautiful blooms into Ariel’s The Little Mermaid coloring page with your children.

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Top Popular The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

It’s not just Ariel, our The Little Mermaid coloring pages collection; you and your kids will discover many different characters. They can include Ariel with Prince Eric, Ariel with a beautiful dress and bow, Arial in a flowing wedding dress, or Ariel playing with funny flounders. The animated and movie versions of The Little Mermaid constantly have many changes in the character and appearance of Princess Ariel. So make sure you visit our website regularly to avoid missing out on new updates.

The Little Mermaid Printable Coloring Page

An enchanting story unfolds in a world where the ocean meets the sky. The scene’s focal point is the Little Mermaid Ariel, Disney’s iconic princess. She emerges from the depths of the sea with her daughter by her side. The young mermaid inherited her mother’s bubbly spirit. The two mermaids share a moment of love and connection with each other, their eyes filled with the joy of discovery. Beside them, King Triton, Ariel’s father, and ruler of the underwater kingdom, also emerged from the waves. He watches Ariel and her daughter with pride and protection, showcasing the deep family bond. Ahead of the horizon, a pirate ship appeared. Sails billowed in the wind, wooden hulls weathered after countless adventures at sea. The pirate flag flutters atop the mast, skull, and crossbones, symbolizing boldness and danger. The ship’s crew hurried to prepare for whatever lay ahead, their curious expressions hinting at surprise at encountering the mermaid.

The Little Mermaid Printable Coloring Pages

The Little Mermaid Printable Coloring Pages

Moana And Ariel Coloring Page

In the vast ocean, friendship and unexpected discovery unfold in this coloring page. The centerpiece of this page is Moana and Ariel, each a princess in her own right. Moana, with wavy brown hair and a determined expression, was sitting on a cliff. With her flowing hair and glittering tail, Ariel emerged from the water by the ledge with a friendly and excited expression as she met Moana. Moana greets Ariel with open arms, allowing her to experience the world on the waves. Ariel looked at Moana with curiosity and gratitude, a new friendship blossoming amid their meeting.

Moana And Ariel Coloring Page

Moana And Ariel Coloring Page

King Triton With Ariel Coloring Page

A scene of love and understanding emerges at the bottom of the sea, in the regal splendor of an underwater palace. The center of the page is King Triton, ruler of the ocean kingdom, his powerful and majestic figure softened by a warm expression. He holds his daughter Ariel in his warm and loving arms. King Triton’s arms enclose Ariel, conveying feelings of unconditional protection, support, and love. His eyes were filled with pride and affection as he looked down at his daughter, acknowledging the strength and determination that made her who she was.

King Triton With Ariel Coloring Page

King Triton With Ariel Coloring Page

Disney The Little Mermaid 2 Coloring Pages

This is a scene from part 2 of the movie. In the center of the page is King Triton, his regal presence softened by a warm, affectionate smile. His mighty figure bent down to embrace his daughter, Ariel, holding a small bundle in her arms – her precious baby. The baby is wrapped in a soft watercolor blanket, symbolizing the latest royalty generation. King Triton’s arms embrace Ariel and her child, symbolizing his protective and caring nature. His eyes convey pride, happiness, and acknowledgment of the continuing life cycle in this new generation.

Disney The Little Mermaid 2 Coloring Pages

Disney The Little Mermaid 2 Coloring Pages

Ursula The Sea Witch

This coloring page depicts Ursula. There was no denying her sinister presence. Her body is an enchanting mix of deep purple and black, decorated with intricate patterns reminiscent of the depths of the sea. Her tentacles coiled around her body, exuding an air of authority and a bit of danger. Ursula’s eyes flashed a wicked spark, and her sinister smile revealed a mind developed through manipulation and dark magic. Her iconic shell necklace dangles from her neck, symbolizing her sinister powers and the spirits she possesses.

Ursula The Sea Witch Coloring Page

How To Draw The Little Mermaid

In addition to the unique coloring pages, we also teach children to draw pictures. This theme will be fun and engaging for kids who love art and creativity. Just love and practice; children will have great pictures through our simple drawing tutorial videos. Along with the mermaid subject, we send you a simple video tutorial to draw a beautiful mermaid. Don’t miss the unique videos at How to Draw The Little  Mermaid!


Even we adults have always longed to live in Disney’s fantasy world and meaningful human love stories, so let your baby’s dream come true now, Please. The Little Mermaid coloring pages are always waiting for your children to discover, with the desire to experience the children’s hours of fun with these pages. We hope they will one day draw their world with the bright colors the children have painted. The beautiful world for yourself.

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