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Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Let’s explore the ancient country’s cultures and traditions through our collection of Russia coloring pages. These designs will transport you to the heart of Russia and showcase iconic landmarks, traditional costumes, and captivating folklore. In addition to simple coloring activities, the pages can be used for a variety of purposes for kids and adults of any ages.

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We have a variety of Russia coloring sheets available about famous landmarks and architecture such as Red Square, Kremlin, The Hermitage Museum, etc. Several descriptions depict iconic Matryoshka dolls, hearty dishes like Pelmeni and Borscht, and sweet treats like Blinis. With such a variety of options, we are sure everyone will choose their favorite picture to explore all the interesting things in Russia.

If you find a coloring page you like, save it to your computer or mobile device and print it when you want. If printing pages, ensure you use good quality paper for best results. The coloring pages on the website Coloringpagesonly.com are all high-quality, clear, and in the same format. When you’re ready, start coloring! Be creative and use your imagination to create your unique work of art.

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5 Unique Activities With Free Printable Russia Coloring Pages

The activity ideas below are just a few ways you can make with Russia coloring sheets. Be creative and use your imagination to create unique and memorable works of art.

Design Your Own Matryoshka Doll

These iconic nesting dolls have been popular souvenirs and symbols of Russia for centuries. They can be customized to reflect your style with our coloring pages. First, choose to print these iconic doll coloring pages and let your children color them. Remember to print on different paper sizes. Then, you carefully cut each doll out. Use a pencil to sketch the design on the doll gently. Glue the smaller dolls inside the larger dolls. Finally, your Matryoshka doll is complete!

Make A Christmas Card

With ingenuity and creativity, you can create unique and meaningful Christmas cards from Russian coloring pages to send to your loved ones. To start your ideas, choose and print your favorite illustrations. You can color in traditional Russian style or express your creativity through using colors to your liking.  Then, cut the coloring page into the appropriate size to create a Christmas card. You can add details like snowflakes, patterns, or other traditional Russian elements to make the card more unique and lively. Finally, write Christmas wishes and send good words to the recipient.

Create A Flag

You can use coloring pages featuring the Russian flag to create a mini handheld flag for your child. To get started, you only need extra-large popsicle sticks and glue. You provide children with various coloring tools so they can be creative. Have children paint the flags of their choice and then carefully cut them out. You will tape the popsicle sticks to one side of the flag, leaving enough sticks for your child to grasp easily.

Play Guessing Pictures Game

This game is suitable for children aged 3 and up. You’ll need some Russia coloring sheets featuring places, people, or traditional motifs from the country.

The game will require two teams to play. One player from each team will wear a hat or scarf to cover their eyes. Players will take turns choosing a coloring page and guessing its image. The team that guesses more pictures correctly will win.

Create A Picture Album

You can create a unique and creative coloring album using our available Russia coloring pictures. Show off your creativity and enjoy the process of creating your artwork!  After printing the pictures on Coloringpagesonly.com, guide your children to color with traditional colors or creatively according to their preferences. Finally, you can arrange the coloring pages in order and attach them to an album or notebook to create a coloring collection.

Above are 5 fun activities for you to use with Russia coloring pages. Let children experiment in different ways to enhance their creativity. Remember, creativity is a journey, not a destination. We would love to receive suggestions on content and design ideas to improve further and bring more benefits to users.

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