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Last Updated: March 15, 2024

We have updated the latest images to the collection of 49 Religious Easter coloring pages to reflect the upcoming holiday spirit. These coloring sheets illustrate scenes and symbols with deep meaning in the faith.

Religious Easter is the most important and central holiday. According to the New Testament, it marks the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead three days after His crucifixion on Good Friday. The image of Jesus emerging from the tomb represents His victory over death.

The coloring pages also have pictures of angels or disciples that will help children better understand the characters involved in the Easter story. The cross symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice, and the dove symbolizes peace. Gladiolus flowers and Easter eggs represent hope and new life. All of these illustrations are available in our free coloring pages.

Parents and teachers can use these coloring pages to introduce children to the Easter story. This activity can create a quiet and focused space for children to reflect and understand the meaning of the holiday. In addition, children also learn many creative skills and develop their imagination through craft ideas and exciting games.

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6 Amazing Ideas By Using Free Printable Religious Easter Coloring Pages

Although we all know that eggs, bunnies and chicks are popular symbols of Easter. However, there is much more for children to enjoy exploring the story of Jesus’ resurrection through our coloring pages.

Check out this craft and game ideas roundup to make the most of Religious Easter illustrations.

Storytelling Through Coloring

This idea is a great way to engage children and effectively teach them about the Easter story. Each child will color a scene that depicts part of the Easter story, such as Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, His Crucifixion, and His Resurrection.

When choosing a page, make sure the images are age-appropriate. As children color the assigned pages, parents encourage them to discuss the meaning of the scenes.

Then, ask the children to arrange the pictures chronologically and retell the story together. Finally, the paintings should be displayed in a central location, such as a bulletin board or wall in the middle of another room, for everyone to admire.

Create A Headband

To start this fun craft activity, You will choose religious Easter-themed free printable coloring pages. These can be meaningful symbols or scenes such as the cross, the empty tomb or the Easter lily.

Consider printing on quality thick paper to ensure durability. After finishing coloring, cut the colored details into long strips so that the size fits your head.

You can refer to the image below for easy visualization. Once completed, children can proudly wear their homemade headbands to church or other Easter parties.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages Craft12

Play Bingo Game

In addition to craft projects, you can create Bingo games to help children learn and play effectively. This idea comes from Easy Christian Easter Crafts for Sunday School. First, print out some religious Easter coloring pages and encourage your kids to color them.

Choose images that represent the story of Easter. You will need to use cardstock to create the Bingo cards.

Each card has a grid of squares containing Easter images from the coloring pages. You can make copies and cut out details to paste into cells. Each person will receive a bingo card, and the goal is to match the named images on the child’s face to form a line.

Make A Decorative Wreath

This engaging craft activity allows children to understand the Easter story better while expressing creativity. The steps are extremely simple.

You will let the children color the pictures as they like. Then, instruct your child to cut out the details and scenes from the page. You need a cardboard wreath template for the background. These can be purchased at stationery stores or made by cutting a circle from cardboard.

The next step is to glue the cutouts around the wreath individually. Like the example below, you can write text and arrange images in story order. Finally, punch a hole in the top of the wreath and thread the string through. Hang a wreath on your fireplace, wall, window or door as a reminder of Easter.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages Craft2

Design A Diorama

This activity allows children to represent scenes from the Easter story visually. You will need a cardboard box, paper clips, and glue to get started. Choose a specific scene from our free printable coloring pages. It could include Jesus rising from the grave or Him and his disciples.

You will color the cardboard box in your own creative way to create the background. After you finish coloring the details on the page, you will cut them out individually.

Arrange the characters in the diorama’s background and use paper clips to secure them. To make it easier to imagine, you can see the illustration below.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages Esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Turn Into A Bookmark

This craft activity is simple while encouraging children to have a passion for reading. You’ll start by printing coloring pages featuring religious Easter symbols.

When printing, choose quality cardboard. Once you’re done coloring, cut the page into a rectangle or whatever shape you want. The size of the strip will depend on individual preference but is usually about 2×6 inches.

Additionally, you can add other decorative elements, such as tassels or ribbons. If you want bookmarks to last longer, place them between two sheets of laminated paper to prevent water absorption and tearing.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages Craft3

Overall, free printable religious Easter coloring pages create opportunities for children and adults to creatively engage with meaningful Easter themes and stories. The coloring activity will provide a quiet space for each individual to better understand the faith, redemption and sacrifice of Jesus.

Furthermore, the ideas also help families, classrooms or communities participate in common activities, creating cohesion in this important religious celebration.

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