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Last Updated: December 22, 2023

Diversify your collection with our 64 fun Numberblocks Coloring Pages. Numberblocks will bring kids and adults joy and relaxation through funny pictures, characters, and stories. This coloring page also helps kids develop their thinking and creativity through attractive coloring activities.

Numberblocks is a film for kids; the story is built from characters who are numbers. You will encounter the numbers 1,2,3, etc., created by unique shapes. The number of cubes will represent the character’s name. What’s especially interesting is that those characters are anthropomorphized and created like humans, with arms, legs, faces, and exciting expressions.

To start coloring activities with Numberblocks Coloring Sheets, parents should download as many free and available coloring pages from the website as possible so that kids can enjoy and be creative. This coloring theme also helps kids learn about numbers or mathematical knowledge. The coloring pages are printable; we encourage kids to color on paper to feel the magic of colors.

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5 Useful Ideas for Children’s Coloring Activities with Numberblocks Coloring Pages

Parents and teachers can play coloring with their kids to make children’s coloring activities more fun and attractive. We will suggest some interesting and valuable ideas we can use during the coloring process with Numberblocks Color Pages.

Creating Numberblocks Puzzles:

To create creative and educational experiences with Numberblocks, you can enjoy creating Numberblocks Puzzles for kids. First, print the number blocks you want to use to create the puzzle. We can print creative and colorful number images from the Numberblocks coloring page or create natural number symbols and animated numbers.

Next, cut these images into puzzle pieces. You can cut them into even squares or create a smaller challenge; you can also cut them into different shapes like triangles, rectangles, or irregular squares.

Once you have prepared the pieces, introduce the game to your child. They can enjoy arranging puzzle pieces to create attractive and creative number pictures. You can also challenge them to put the numbers in order or in a number order you have chosen.

Number Block puzzles not only help kids develop their spatial thinking skills and matching abilities but also create an opportunity for them to learn about numbers and number ordering in a fun and creative way. At the same time, this activity also encourages children’s concentration and perseverance as they complete colorful number paintings.

Making Drama Numberblocks:

Parents should encourage children to participate in drama-making activities with their homemade Numbers. Start by creating numbers from paper and recycled materials like paper tubes, bottle caps, or clay.

Print the Numberblocks colori page and color it to your liking. After kids have created their models, please encourage them to create a story or scenario using these characters. That can be an exciting adventure or a story about learning and sharing. Ask questions like “What will Numberblocks do when they meet?” or “What problem can they work together to solve?” to encourage children to think creatively and develop their scenarios.

Once the story has been chosen, help kids organize the models and perform the drama. You can use a small area on your desk or create a small stage using paper boxes and other simple materials.

Encourage children to use accents, mimics, and gestures to express their characters during performances. At the same time, they can also use the colors of numbers to describe the character’s emotions and mental state.

Creating a Picture Search Game:

To create a fun atmosphere for creative activities, you can guide kids to participate in the “Play the Picture Game” action with Numberblocks coloring sheets. First, hide the shapes in your child’s playroom or work area.

Once invisible, introduce the game to children. They will be invited to join the adventure to find hidden Numberblocks.

Next, provide kids with a box of colors and a coloring sheet. When they find a shape, ask them to color it to their liking. That helps develop children’s searching skills, encourages creativity, and develops color skills.

If many children are participating, you can also hold a scavenger hunt contest, with small prizes for those who find the picture the fastest or color it best.

Finally, a presentation can be held after the game with all the numbers searched and colored. Discuss their experiences with the kids and ask them what they learned from this fun tracing game.

Coloring By Number:

The “Color by Number” game is a popular idea many parents have taught their kids. First, prepare Numberblocks color pages and a variety of color palettes. Instruct children to color each Numberblock with a color corresponding to the number on the picture. For example, they could use red for Numberblock 1, green for Numberblock 2, etc. That helps kids associate colors with number concepts in a fun and academic way.

Encourage children to express their creativity by asking about their favorite colors. You can ask questions like “What color do you think is suitable for Numberblock 4?” or “If you made a new Numberblock, what color would you choose?”. That will create a space for kids to express their individuality and creativity.

Finally, after your child has completed their work, create a “Color By Number Board” to display all the colored Numberblocks. You can also tell the story of numbers with unique colors and create a fun space for children to express their creativity and color preferences.

Numberblocks Origami:

Numberblocks Origami is a famous game with paper and coloring supplies. This game helps develop hand skills and encourages children’s creativity and spatial thinking.

To start this game, prepare colored or white square paper, depending on the child’s wishes. Please show them some images of Numberblocks so they can refer to them during the creation process.

The next step is to guide kids on folding paper to create numbers. For example, for Numberblock 1, they can fold the paper into a simple square. For more significant numbers, show how to combine many small squares creatively.

Once children have finished folding the paper, give them creative freedom by coloring their numbers. Please encourage them to use colors they like and express their creativity.

Finally, once the Numberblocks have been created and colored, create a gallery space to display these works of art. You can hang them on the wall or on your desk to create an adorable and creative digital painting.

Organizing creative activities through coloring is a fun way to entertain and a valuable method to develop children’s creativity, logical thinking, and hand skills. Through these activities, children become familiar with colors and numbers, learn to use their imagination, and explore different aspects of creativity.

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