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Passover (or Pesah) is the most important Jewish holiday, lasting about one week to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery by the Egyptian Empire. Passover Coloring Pages give you fun coloring sheets to color in and celebrate the most important Jewish holiday.

In the days of Jacob, their land, Canaan, fell into a famine. At this time, Egypt, with the alluvium of the Nile River, is a fertile place. The entire Israelite clan, with about 70 followers of Jacob, emigrated to Egypt and stayed at the invitation of the Egyptian Pharaoh. However, the Jews in Egypt developed so strongly that the Pharaohs turned their backs on them, exploiting them as enslaved people and ordering all their newborn sons to be killed to slow down the population growth Jewish.

At this moment, Moses appeared. He was fortunate not to be killed when he was born and was found and adopted by an Egyptian princess. Then, in defense of his villagers, he killed an Egyptian soldier, so he had to leave the palace and hide, working as a shepherd in the Sinai desert. Here, Moses was met by God and given the responsibility to rescue the “selected people” chosen by God from slavery to the promised land, a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey.

The king of Egypt, of course, disapproving of Moses’ request that the Israelites be free to leave the ground, had to stay to subdue the king. God poured out terrible plagues on the land of Egypt one by one. However, after each plague, the king of Egypt still hardened his heart and refused to let the Israelites go. At this point, God announced the tenth and final plague: He would slay all the firstborn. Parallel to this proclamation of the 10th plague, God told Moses to command all the Israelites to follow an essential instruction so that chosen people would not suffer the same affliction as the Israelites in Egypt.

God told the Jews to kill the sheep and smear the sheep’s blood on the door, thus avoiding disaster. On the way, the pharaohs changed their minds and gave chase. When he reached the Red Sea, God blessed Moses, allowing the water to split in two for the Israelites to pass through. God brought back the sea to drown the Egyptian king’s army.

Passover is celebrated as a reminder to each other and to teach future generations about the arduous escape from slavery in ancient Egypt. Do the children find it helpful to learn new knowledge about holidays worldwide? Passover is a Jewish holiday, but as we learn about many holidays, we learn about many different cultures.

To understand more about the activities and ceremonies performed on Passover day, we can explore together through the Passover coloring sheets. Passover coloring pages include Jewish meals and family activities when telling history. We color and learn more knowledge; children can create colors for food or the people’s costumes. Children of all ages can color with their parents to practice color recognition and matching. Parents should support their children in learning to color so that children can maximize their creativity and learn a lot of knowledge.

Each coloring page provides skills for coloring activities and meaningful life lessons. On the afternoon of the 14th day of Nisan, according to the Jewish calendar (about March or April of the solar calendar), people slaughtered sheep at the temple, and then the priest took the sheep’s blood and poured it at the foot of the altar. When night falls, people will eat the paschal meal as a family or in groups without forgetting to smear some of the sheep’s blood on the house door.

At the banquet, people ate the lamb with unleavened bread and bitter herbs and drank four cups of wine blessed by the master of the feast to commemorate God’s four promises to the Israelites. During the Passover holidays, Jews gathered for supper, read the hymnal, and ate symbolic food. That meal is called The Passover Seder (Seder means law). A Seder plate is prepared for Passover of greens, followed by horseradish (symbolizing bitter herbs), hard-boiled eggs, lamb and haroset, mixed fruit, wine, and nuts.

They decorated the table was solemn with the finest wines and plates. The whole family will read the book of Haggadah, and parents are obliged to tell their children about their escape from Egypt. Passover with the Seder meal is a solemn way to celebrate the nation’s history. These free printable Passover sheets have pictures of the Mass reading, The Passover Seder dinner, and many fun pictures.

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