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Last Updated: March 13, 2024

These latest 52 Palm Sunday coloring pages offer a creative way to engage children and adults in learning about the importance of this special day in the Christian calendar. Let us explore some details and themes related to these coloring sheets.

Palm Sunday is a portable Christian holiday, the first day of the week when Jesus was sentenced to death. This year, it usually falls on Sunday, March 24. The event commemorates Jesus’ triumphal arrival in Jerusalem a few days before the great Passover begins on the 12th.

The name “Palm Sunday” comes from the palm branches with which the crowds waved to welcome and honor Jesus as he entered the city. According to the accounts in the four canonical Gospels, Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem occurred about a week before His resurrection.

On Palm Sunday, Christians carry palms in the procession during church services. After the mass, the allowed talismans are not abandoned but are maintained throughout the year. They are then burned to create ashes for Ash Wednesday the following year.

As we enter Holy Week, these illustrations provide a delightful way to commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. These printable coloring pages make fun and creative activities that spark children’s interest in the Palm Sunday story. They also provide family connections and resources for Sunday School classes to learn about this memorable holiday.

You’ll find vivid scenes depicting Jesus riding a donkey, symbols of the cross, cheerful crowds waving palm branches, and a celebratory atmosphere for the day. So why wait any longer? Embark on a coloring and faith exploration journey with our free printable coloring pages collection.

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6 Interesting Activities We Can Do With Free Printable Palm Sunday Coloring Pages

With some creativity, you can think of different ways to use these free printable Palm Sunday coloring sheets to engage children and help them learn about the day’s extraordinary religious story.

The ideas below are from my own experience. Refer to the article about exciting craft activities for Palm Sunday.

Design Your Own Palm Branch

This activity is very interesting and creative, suitable for organizing craft classes for children. You’ll start by printing some copies of the free Feast Sunday images featuring palm branches.

Then, use watercolors, colored pencils, or crayons to paint the palm branches on the page. You can encourage children to be as creative as they like with the traditional green color or mix and match colors to their liking.

After completing this critical step, children will cut out the colored palm branches and make sure the cuts are even. The next step is to use glue to fix the palm branches together at the base.

Children can add decorations to their palm branches, like stickers or glitter, for example, if they want. Finally, the process is complete; children will display the palm branches they created in the classroom, at home, or in preparation for the upcoming Sunday parade.

palm sunday coloring pages craft1

Create A Mural

Creating a large mural will help children learn many skills while increasing cohesion and cooperation in a group. First of all, decide where you want to make the mural. This could be a blank wall in a classroom, a church hall, or a community center.

If using a wall, make sure it is clean and smooth. If you have a poster board, hang it securely on a wall with adhesive tape. After printing multiple copies of the free Palm Sunday coloring pictures, you will provide participants with coloring tools.

Encourage everyone to be creative and use colors to their liking. Then, cut out colored images one by one and put them on a large mural. Once the mural is complete, step back and admire your creative collaboration.

Make A Stain Glass Effect        

This is the idea of ​​creating a unique work of art. You will need black cardstock, transparent contact paper, and colored tissue paper. Choose the printable Palm Sunday coloring sheets and encourage participants to color. Then, cut the cardstock to the desired size for the stained glass artwork. With colored images, you will use scissors to cut them out individually and paste them onto a black background.

Next, cut small squares from colored tissue paper. They will fill the gaps between images and create a stained-glass effect.

Now, it’s time to place the transparent contact paper over your work. Fill the space between the colored images with colored tissue paper squares.

So, your Palm Sunday stained glass artwork is complete. Hang it inside a window or opposite a light source for the stained glass effect to take effect.

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Create A 3D Dioroma

For this activity, you’ll choose free printable Palm Sunday images with related scenes like Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem or people waving palm branches to welcome Him. Pay attention to colors and details to make the scene impressive.

You will choose a sheet of cardboard to create a sturdy base for the diorama. Once you’re done coloring, cut out the colored scenes from the pages and arrange them on the picture background like our sample below.

Use clear adhesive to securely attach the images to the base of the painting. This painting can be used as a meaningful decoration for the holiday season. It is also a creative way to learn about the story of Jesus.

Palm Sunday Coloring Pages craft

Design A Holy Week Wreath

You can decorate the holy week wreaths however you want. Below is an exciting and straightforward way for your reference.

You’ll start with ideas by choosing our free printable images related to Holy Week. It may include scenes of Jesus entering Jerusalem, people waving palm branches, or the Last Supper.

You need a round cardboard wreath base. After coloring, cut out the images individually. Arrange the details on the wreath in a circle or overlapping each other.

You can choose an arrangement like our sample image below. Once completed, attach a Christmas tree to the ribbon to hang. When contemplating the Holy Week wreath, reflect on the meaning of each image and offer a prayer for Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday coloring Pages craft2

Prepare For the Palm Sunday Parade 

Start this activity by printing free Palm Sunday images featuring Jesus riding a donkey, palm branches, and other related scenes. Color the pages with vibrant colors to bring the scenes to life.

Like the ideas above, you must cut out the colored details from the page and glue them onto a piece of cardboard. This will increase durability and make it easier to hold throughout the parade.

Now, glue wooden sticks behind each image to create a handle. This coming Palm Sunday, gather your participants and start the parade with these unique homemade creations.

Our free printable Palm Sunday coloring pages make for versatile and engaging activities to commemorate the important events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. These coloring pages are sure to give individuals of all ages the opportunity to stretch their imagination and creativity and gain a deeper understanding of the Palm Sunday story and the Christian faith.

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