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There will be many choices for the little ones about their favorite sports in our Athletics coloring pages.

Football is a “king” sport, so what is a “queen” sport? The answer is athletics. Athletics is not a single sport; it is a collection of many sports.

Athletics is a collection of competitive sports that includes walking, distance running, high jump, long jump, pole vault, javelin, discus, hammer throw, weightlifting, and many other pentathlons.

At the Olympic competitions, athletics is also the most important content. Athletes will strive to achieve the best performance. In addition to competing in athletics at the Olympics, there are many other tournaments worldwide.

Athletics is a sport rich and diverse in content, movement structure, and equipment for training and competition. The systematic and scientific practice of Athletics has good effects on enhancing and strengthening human health.

The variety of Athletics exercises and the impact of the amount of movement, especially walking, running, jumping, and throwing, make it easy for athletes to adjust and choose the right form of exercise for their age, sex, and personal characteristics.

Athletics is one of the basic sports that has an important place in the system of physical education schools and sports training worldwide.

Therefore, parents can let their children familiarize themselves with the sports in Athletics by letting them color the Athletics coloring sheets. Our fun coloring sheets will inspire the little ones to choose for their future dreams. If you love sports, the little ones will surely enjoy our coloring sheets below. Help your child own the coloring sheets of their favorite sports, or you can collect them all and introduce them to the sports so they can quickly get acquainted with them when they are young.

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Let the children freely explore, unleash their imagination, and express their creativity. Have fun!

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