Bubbleisha coloring pages takes you to cute pictures of Bubble Trouble girl, one of the Shoppie released in October 2015.

This girl can pop your bubble with her sweet and sour personality. Her attitude can sometimes get her into difficult situations, but her Shopkins friends Gumball Gabby and Bubba Gum know that she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to.

With a sweet and sour personality but a style that creates a smile, Bubbleisha girl will be an excellent choice for the little ones to have fun with colors. The little details she adds to make her Bunny Bathroom stand out and be a beautiful place to shower and relax during the day.

Bubbleisha has fair skin and light pink eyes that match her hair. Her hair is curled on either side, tied with three clear elastic bands on each side. Her fuchsia headband is decorated with purple, pink, and yellow gum, and a small gum machine is attached with a yellow bow.

She wears a pink shirt with a yellow polka dot print and purple collar, and around the bottom are purple, pink, and yellow gumballs. She is also wearing a pink dress with white, purple, and pale yellow spots and purple shoes with some yellow gum around them, making up the heel. On each shoe is a bright red bow with a yellow gum decoration.

Collect and give the little ones these fun Bubbleisha coloring sheets; they will create the most unique Bubbleisha possible. A girl can stir up trouble and get into difficult situations in the kitchen. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.

Let the kids unleash their imagination and create unique styles for cute girl Bubbleisha. Have fun and get creative now!

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