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Tennis Coloring Pages

Our Tennis coloring pages feature the most interesting images of the sport of Tennis. Famous players, pictures of animals, and cartoon characters playing Tennis are waiting for the kids to color. Let's collect and give the children the best images to unleash their creativity for the pictures of this tennis sport.

Tennis is played between two people (singles) or two teams with two players (doubles). Players use a net racket to hit a hollow felt-covered rubber ball called a tennis ball toward the opponent's court. Tennis is played on a flat, rectangular court. Tennis is now very popular in many countries and is played at the Olympics. Every four years, tennis is also contested at the Summer Olympics. If your kids love Olympic sports, come to Olympic coloring pages now. In addition, you can explore more sports at Karate coloring pages, badminton coloring pages, basketball coloring pages, and more to get plenty of sports coloring sheets.

Let the kids explore and express their color creativity on our fun coloring sheets. Have fun!
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