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Last Updated: July 13, 2024

Disney’s classic cartoon icon is back with a fresh and fun look in this exclusive collection of 56 Mickey Mouse coloring pages for 2024! These new coloring pages will bring modern, dynamic, and energetic images of Mickey Mouse, which will surely satisfy young fans and those who love this legendary mouse.

2024 marks an important milestone for Mickey Mouse, as the copyright on the 1928 version of this Disney character will expire. This means we’ll likely see more new and unique versions of Mickey Mouse created by other artists and creators.

Here you will find many coloring pages in various themes and styles, from classic Mickey images to modern and creative designs. Your child will be creative and color Mickey and his close friends like Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy in exciting adventures. Mickey Mouse also appears in a new image in the horror movie Mickey’s Mouse Trap.

What are you waiting for? Join us in creating colorful works of art and share the joy with friends and relatives!

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Our Top Criteria When Choosing Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

To bring the most interesting and quality Mickey Mouse coloring experiences to all ages, we always set the following top criteria when choosing coloring pages:

Image Quality

Each Mickey Mouse coloring picture is designed with high resolution, ensuring sharp, clear images and no blurring when printing. You can safely print large-sized paintings without worrying about affecting image quality.

The lines in the painting are drawn meticulously and carefully without being blurred or blurred. This makes coloring easier and more fun, especially for young children. Children can use a bright, harmonious color palette that matches the fun and dynamic image of Mickey Mouse. Colors are carefully selected to create contrast and highlights between details, making the picture more vivid and attractive.

Diverse Content

We have constantly created and updated the newest and most attractive content to bring you a rich and diverse collection of Mickey Mouse coloring pictures. From Mickey Mouse happily running around and playing active sports to relaxing contemplative moments, you will find every aspect of this adorable mouse in our collection.

A bright smile, mischievous eyes, or a surprised, curious expression. Each painting represents a different level of Mickey Mouse’s emotions, helping your baby discover and express his emotions through each drawing.

The collection also features Mickey Mouse’s close friends such as gentle Minnie Mouse, humorous Donald Duck, clumsy but kind Goofy… Your baby will meet and get to know them all. a colorful and magical Disney world. The images of Mickey Mouse in the festive atmosphere of Halloween and Christmas bring a joyful and warm atmosphere.

Level For All Ages

Our collection of Mickey Mouse coloring pages comes in different levels of difficulty. Children who are just starting to get used to coloring will suit simple Mickey Mouse portrait drawings with big, clear lines and few details. This helps children easily recognize and color without difficulty. 

For children who have experience in coloring, we choose drawings with more details and smaller lines and require greater concentration. Older children and adults will love the challenge, the intricate drawings, the many small details, and the need for meticulousness and patience. No matter your age, you can find the right Mickey Mouse coloring pages for you in our collection.


Each picture is an opportunity for children to express their personality and creativity. We do not limit colors or painting methods but encourage children to choose and combine colors to their liking freely. Many coloring pages are designed with large blank spaces, allowing children to freely draw additional details, characters, or even new stories revolving around Mickey Mouse and friends.

We also provide suggestions and instructions for fun craft activities related to Mickey Mouse coloring pages. With these creative ideas, we aim to inspire children, helping them discover and develop their artistic talents naturally and flexibly.

5 Exciting Ideas For Craft Activities By Using Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

In addition to providing fun and creativity, craft activities involving Mickey Mouse coloring pictures also help children create unique and valuable items:

Make Cards

Instead of buying ready-made cards, children can make their own birthday or holiday cards by cutting and pasting colored Mickey Mouse images onto the cards. These cards are not only beautiful but also contain children’s emotions and creativity, bringing unexpected joy to the recipient. 

The method is very simple, even for young children. You will fold the cardboard in half to create a card shape. Crop the colored Mickey Mouse image to your liking. You can stick it on the front, inside, or both sides. Use colored pens, glitter pens, and other decorative materials to write wishes and draw border patterns around the Mickey Mouse image. We encourage children to be creative and express their personality during the card-making process.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages craft esty 1Image source: Esty.

Create Mickey Mouse Mask

Creating a Mickey Mouse mask with coloring pages is a fun and creative activity for kids and adults. You print the Mickey Mouse coloring page on paper and color it as you like. You can use paint, markers, crayons, or any materials you want to create a unique and personalized Mickey Mouse mask. 

After coloring, cut along the outline of Mickey Mouse’s face. The next step is to paste the cut Mickey Mouse image on a piece of cardboard to increase the hardness and durability of the mask.

Use a pencil to mark the position of Mickey Mouse’s two eyes, and then use scissors to create two small holes that fit your eyes. To make the Mickey Mouse mask more vivid, you can use colored or emulsion paper to print and color.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages craft 2

Turn Into A Bookmark

You can create simple bookmarks or 3D Mickey Mouse prints with coloring pages. With a simple bookmark, color your favorite Mickey Mouse image. Then, cut the coloring page into a rectangle to create a bookmark shape. 

You will paste the Mickey image on a piece of cardboard or colored paper to make it more sturdy.  Punch a small hole in the top of the bookmark and thread ribbon or string through to create a hanger. 

With 3D modeling, you will cut many Mickey Mouse images of decreasing size from different colored paper. Glue the layers of Mickey shapes on top of each other. You punch holes and thread strings similarly to make simple bookmarks. To make the bookmark more personal, you can write your name or message on it.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages craft esty 3Image source: Esty.

Make A Wall Art Picture

This is a great idea to add value to your Mickey Mouse coloring images. You need to print the coloring pages in a large size, maybe A2 or A1. Choosing high-quality, thick paper will make the painting more durable and the coloring more beautiful. 

The most important step is to color the artistic picture with markers or water paint. Be creative and combine colors to your liking. Once you’re done coloring, let the painting dry completely before proceeding with the next steps. You choose a suitably sized frame and frame the picture like the idea below. You can hang paintings in the living room, bedroom, office, or any space you want.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages craft 4

Create A Puppet

To implement this idea, you must prepare staples with round heads to ensure safety for children. First, you print out many copies of the Mickey Mouse coloring picture and color it as you like. You should encourage children to be creative with different colors and patterns for each image. 

After coloring, carefully cut out Mickey Mouse’s parts, such as the head, body, arms, and legs. You can cut out additional accessories such as hats, bow ties, and canes.  Use staples to attach the parts together. You can attach pins to joints such as the shoulders, elbows, and knees to make the puppet move more flexibly.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages craft 5

We also hope that you and your child will have fun and meaningful moments when together exploring the creative world of Mickey Mouse through coloring pages. Don’t forget to share your baby’s lovely works after completion! We look forward to admiring the children’s unique ideas and unlimited creativity.

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