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Last Updated: April 10, 2024

We just created 20 new Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire coloring pages to illustrate scenes and characters from the sequel to the popular film. With fun and unique images, this collection will surely please fans and coloring enthusiasts of all ages.

This epic sequel to Godzilla vs Kong pits the legendary King of the Monsters and his mighty apes against a colossal, never-before-seen threat hidden deep within the Earth. The film also delves into the history of these Titans and the mysteries of Skull Island. With a worldwide revenue of over 470 million USD, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire received critical praise for its images and action sequences.

If you are a fan of Godzilla vs Kong, you will not be able to miss this new collection of coloring pages. You will find the most impressive scenes in the movie. Several scenes illustrate two giants in battle-ready positions. The coloring pages also feature detailed close-ups of Godzilla and Kong, allowing for intricate coloring of their fur, scales, and facial expressions. Young children can also choose less detailed images that depict characters in a cute cartoon style.

Are you ready to bring these giant creatures to life through your imagination and colors? So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite coloring pages, download and print them for free.

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6 Exciting Ideas To Do With Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Coloring Pages

These ideas provide fun opportunities for children and adults to interact with their favorite characters. At the same time, you can develop your creativity and imagination to turn colored images into unique and valuable handmade works.

Make Stickers

The recently released movie is receiving love from many viewers. Images of the Godzilla and Kong characters have been featured in franchised merchandise. Now, instead of wasting money buying them at the store, you can create your own collection of your favorite stickers with our exclusive coloring pages.

You will choose images of Godzilla, Kong characters, or favorite scenes to create stickers. We encourage you to choose images in a simple cartoon style. You will choose to print them on sticker paper in the smallest size.

The next step is to color the images with markers. You will cut out the colored details. To use, simply peel off the back of the sticker to reveal the sticky side. You can proudly show off your achievements to everyone by sticking them on personal items that you always carry with you.

Godzilla x Kong The New Empire Coloring pages craft 1

Design A T-shirt

To start the idea, you will choose the image of Godzilla, Kong or a combination of both, along with scenes from the movie. Print the coloring pages onto transfer paper and follow the paper manufacturer’s instructions.

Once printed, you’ll cut the images out and leave a small border around the edges of each image. You will color the details with watercolor paint or markers. Lay a plain t-shirt flat on a flat surface and place the cut-out image on the front of the shirt.

You can place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding to the other side. The next step is to place the hot iron on the transfer paper image and press firmly for the amount of time specified in the instructions. Remember to let the transfer paper cool completely before peeling off the backing paper.

So your Godzilla vs Kong-themed t-shirt is ready to wear. The final product may not be as beautiful and perfect as the sample photo, but you have the right to be proud of your creativity and ingenuity.

Godzilla vs Kong The New Empire coloring pages esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Create An Art Picture

This idea will upgrade your child’s simple coloring picture into a work of art. First of all, you will let your children color the images of Godzilla vs Kong according to their creativity.

We encourage children to use watercolors to make details stand out more. You can guide children to color the background and create depth for a vivid and realistic picture. Once completed, frame the picture and display it in a location where many people can admire it.

Godzilla vs Kong The New Emprire coloring pages esty 2

Image source: Esty.

Turn Into A Standee

You can preserve memories of today’s hot movie by creating character standees. The steps are also quite simple. You will print coloring pages featuring Godzilla and Kong from the movie New Empire in A0 or A1 size.

You should choose thick and quality printing paper. Let the children gather and color together. After coloring, you will cut along the outline of the character image.

To create the base for the standee, you will cut two identical pieces of cardboard. These pieces must be large enough to support the standee. Attach the colored image to one of the pieces of cardboard.

Once the image is securely attached, place the second piece of cardboard on top and press down firmly. You can place this standee in a prominent space for everyone to admire and take commemorative photos.

Decorate A Greeting Card

A greeting card with a picture of Godzilla, Kong, or impressive scenes from a hot movie will excite the recipient. You will need to prepare a blank card or folded cardboard.

Crop the images after coloring is complete. You can fold the card in half if it has not already been folded. Paste the cutout images onto the front of the card. You can further decorate with stickers or glitter to make the card stand out more.

Make A Glow-in-the-dark Picture

This is a creative idea for those who love exploration and challenges. What is needed to make it happen is glow-in-the-dark paint. The remaining steps will be the same as coloring a regular picture.

You will choose luminous paint to color the details in the picture. Fill the background with black to highlight the images of the characters. Once completed, you will expose the painting to strong light or sunlight to charge.

Frame the picture and hang it on the wall in your home. Now turn off the lights and watch your Godzilla vs Kong-themed photo come to life in the dark!

These Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire coloring pages will inspire you to create many unique crafts. Once completed, remember to take photos and share your creations on our Facebook page, Pinterest, or other social networking sites. We can’t wait to see your creativity. That will motivate the design team to create more quality and new collections.

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