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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

We have just updated the newest and most unique Day Of The Dead coloring pages to celebrate the festive atmosphere of Mexico. By definition, this celebration is a bit gruesome because it’s all skulls and bones, but all the colors and flowers in our coloring pages are quite attractive. In addition, in principle, the Day of the Dead, although a sad event, is also something special to remember those who have passed away and have gone before us. Remember that our coloring pages are free to download, print, and share as many as you like.

On this theme, we’ve created coloring pages featuring many traditional Day of the Dead symbols, such as sugar skulls, flower crowns, mariachi skeletons, and graveyard scenes. Kids can use any of their favorite colors for the pages, but traditional Day of the Dead colors include bright, vibrant colors like orange, yellow, purple, and blue.

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To have a choice, click on each page above, and it will appear in a new window. Click Print to print directly or select Download to computer and print later. In addition, children can also color directly on their phones and computers. This is a great option for children who are more comfortable using technology and can also be a great way to reduce paper waste.

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5 Unique Activity Ideas For Day of The Dead Coloring Pages

These unique coloring activity ideas for Day of the Dead sheets are perfect for kids and adults. They allow you to express your creativity and learn about the rich cultural traditions of this holiday.

Coloring Contest

A coloring contest is a fun activity and helps children develop their art and creativity skills. Parents and teachers can organize a quick coloring contest among children. Give them the Day of the Dead coloring sheets and ask them to color them as quickly as possible. The person who colors the fastest will be the winner. Alternatively, you can print the Day of the Dead coloring sheets and cut them into puzzle pieces. Ask the children to put the pieces together to form a complete picture.

Day Of The Dead Cards

Our coloring pages can be used to create unique and personalized Day of the Dead cards. Kids can color the pages and then cut them out to use as embellishments on their cards. Additionally, kids can use the coloring pages as the background for their cards and add other elements like glitter, sequins, or stickers.

Day Of The Dead Memory Game 

To create a Day of the Dead memory game using coloring pages, parents and teachers can guide children through some operations. First, use markers, colored pencils, or paints to fill the pages. Then, cut the colored designs out of the pages. Make sure to cut them into pairs so you have two for each design. Next, laminate the designs for durability. This will make them last longer and prevent damage.

Finally, shuffle the layered drawings and place them face down on the table. Turn over two cards simultaneously and try to find a matching pair. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Decorations About Day Of The Dead Theme

With a little creativity, there are many other ways to use these pages to create festive and colorful holiday decorations. Parents can have their children cut out elongated head or skeleton designs from coloring pages and attach them to a cardboard or iron plate. Cut around the design and add ribbon or string to create a colorful decoration.

Besides, kids can also cut out skull or skeleton designs from coloring pages and attach them to a stick or rubber band to create a mask. They can be used as part of an outfit or as decorations around the house.

Day Of Dead Collage

To create a Day of the Dead collage, you choose several coloring pages for the design and different colors. Then, color the pages in your favorite colors and styles. Cut out various elements from coloring pages, such as skulls, flowers, candles, and other decorations. Arrange the cutouts on a piece of construction paper or cardstock to create a colorful collage.

Which Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets Will You Choose?

Day of the Dead coloring pages can be used for various activities. When choosing Day of the Dead sheets, be sure to choose pages appropriate to the age and maturity level of the participants. It is also important to supervise young children while coloring to ensure that they use materials safely and appropriately. Our coloring pages are for non-commercial use, so you can suggest ideas or share colored products on our Facebook and Pinterest. Use the hashtag #dayofthedeadcoloringpages or #coloringpagesonly so people can easily find them.

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