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Rainbow Coloring Pages will captivate you. Discover the best images of the rainbow right here. Rainbow is a continuous range of colors, in which there are seven prominent colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. The infrared and ultraviolet radiations are outside the visible light range of the human eye, so they are not visible. Rainbow is the dispersion of sunlight when refracted and reflected through raindrops. So the rainbow can only appear when the Sun is behind, and the rain falls in front of you. The rainbow has seven colors that start with red and end with purple. Do you know the meaning of the colors of the rainbow in modern philosophy? We will help you find out what these colors mean. Red – This is the first color of the rainbow from the top. Red denotes passion, vitality, enthusiasm, and security. It is light with the longest wavelength. Orange – This light is a combination of yellow and red. It is a dynamic color that represents creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as balance or control. Yellow – This is the color of the Sun. It represents clarity of thought, wisdom, order, and energy. Green – This is the intermediate color of the rainbow and denotes fertility, growth, balance, health, and wealth. Blue – This is the fifth color of the rainbow that reminds us of Unknown. The sky and the vast oceans have this color, and therefore it is associated with Spirituality and Divinity. Indigo – It is believed that where Blue is calming, indigo is sedating. Indigo is mystical as it bridges the gap between the finite and the infinite. Indigo gemstones are often used to gain spirituality, psychic abilities, self-awareness, and enhance Intuition. Purple – The final color of the rainbow is a mix of red and blue. It is considered the highest element of spirituality. It can spark one's imagination and be an inspiration to artists. Dark tones of purple are associated with sadness. Deeper shades of purple or purple signify high spiritual mastery. From here, you know the meaning of the colors of the rainbow. And now it's time to color. Download or print our free rainbow coloring pages. Then take your pretty crayons and color these beautiful rainbow coloring pages. Have fun!
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