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Last Updated: June 5, 2024

Our 46 Alphablocks coloring pages are a fun and educational way for children of all ages to interact with the alphabet. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these coloring pages are a valuable resource to help children learn while having fun.

Alphablocks are beloved characters from a popular educational television series. Now, funny images of cartoon blocks will come to life on these coloring pages. Each coloring page features one or more alphabet characters, each representing a different alphabet letter. Kids can color familiar characters like A, B, C, and more while learning to recognize and pronounce letters.

Coloring is a proven way to help children learn and remember information. With Alphablocks coloring sheets, children can associate letters with their corresponding characters, making learning the alphabet fun. Download and print your favorite Alphablocks coloring pages today and watch your child’s love of learning grow. With Alphablocks, learning the alphabet has never been so fun!

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Criteria for Evaluating the Reliability of Alphablocks Coloring Sheets for All Ages

By carefully considering the criteria below, we can ensure that our Alphablocks coloring sheets are reliable, educational, and fun for children of all ages.

Educational Alignment

Each Alphablocks character is meticulously drawn to ensure accuracy and alignment with the famous Alphablocks educational program. This helps children easily recognize and remember the letters that each character represents. We understand the importance of combining learning with fun, and that’s why each coloring page is an entertaining activity and an effective learning tool.

Our coloring pages are designed to complement Alphablocks’ educational content. For example, a coloring page might focus on a specific letter and related sounds or illustrate a simple word with alphabet characters.

Age Appropriateness

Our Alphablocks coloring pictures collection is designed to suit all stages of child development, from the first steps of learning the alphabet to mastering reading and writing. Coloring pages for young children have large, clear lines and few details, making it easy for children to color easily.

Each page focuses on a single Alphablocks character, helping children easily recognize and remember that letter. For older children, we offer more complex coloring pages with many Alphablocks characters interacting with each other. This helps children expand their vocabulary and understand how letters combine to form words.

We also provide more difficult coloring pages requiring children to be more focused and patient, helping them practice perseverance and problem-solving. In addition, we also have more complex and detailed coloring pages, suitable for both adults who love Alphablocks and want to find a creative and relaxing activity.


We’re committed to making the Alphablocks coloring experience fun and easy for everyone, regardless of their preferences or abilities. We offer various accessibility options so you can choose the coloring that best suits you.

Try our online coloring tool if you like coloring on your computer or mobile device. You can easily select colors, zoom in and out, and even undo operations if needed.

If you prefer the traditional feel of coloring on paper, you can download and print our coloring pages in high-quality PDF format. We also offer black-and-white printing options to save on ink. We also provide detailed instructions on using coloring pages to create fun craft activities and games.

These activities help children practice their fine motor skills and encourage creativity and critical thinking. Our instructions are written in simple, easy-to-understand language, suitable for children and adults. We also include illustrations to help you easily follow the steps.

Regular Feedback and Updates

We always appreciate your input to improve and bring everyone the best Alphablocks coloring experiences continuously. We regularly add new coloring pages with diverse themes and new Alphablocks characters to keep the collection fresh and exciting. Coloring pages keep up with the latest trends in education and entertainment tailored to children’s interests and needs.

We look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about Alphablocks coloring pages. You can share your opinion via email, send a message, or leave a comment via our fan page or Pinterest, which are listed at the bottom of the website.

5 Interesting Activities By Using Alphablocks Coloring Pages

Here are detailed instructions for 5 Alphablocks coloring activities to make them more engaging. Wish your baby has hours of fun learning and playing with Alphablocks!

Make Stickers

You can find stickers printed with letters and characters at any stationery store. However, creating handmade stickers from colored images will definitely delight your children and develop their creativity. First, you choose the free Alphablocks characters above and then print them on high-quality paper at the smallest size. Then, let the children take turns coloring the letter characters.

You can download and use Photoshop software to color if you have a color printer. Cut each colored Alphablock character out of the page. If you want the stickers to last longer, laminate them using a laminator. Use double-sided tape to attach to the back of each cutout.

Once dry, you’ll cut out again following the outline of each letter character. Each completed sticker will have a shape similar to our illustration below.

alphablocks coloring pages craft 1

Create Alphablocks Paper Toys

This is a very interesting and educational idea. You can follow how to make Alphablocks paper toys through the video or our easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions below. To do this project, you must print coloring pages illustrating the paper toy box temperates of the corresponding letter characters.

After printing, you will color it appropriately and cut out the colored details, including the letters, arms, and legs. You should choose thick, hard printing paper to create more sturdiness.

The next step is to fold along the lines of the pattern. After that, you will glue the tabs and assemble them into box shapes. Don’t forget to attach the legs and arms as shown below.

alphablocks coloring pages craft 2

Design Cake Toppers

This idea is very practical when decorating your cupcake or birthday cake. You must select individual Alphablocks characters and then print them directly or download them. You can color with markers or use Photoshop software. After this step, you will cut out each colored character individually.

To create durability, you glue the details onto a piece of cardboard and cut it again following the outline of each Alphablock. It’s time to create the handle to insert into the cake.

You’ll glue a large toothpick to the back of the cutouts, like the example below. Finally, decorate your cake with the newly created Alphablock characters to make it unique and interesting.

alphablocks coloring pages craft 3 esty

Image source: Esty.

Create A Wall Picture

You can create a wall painting to decorate your child’s room and classroom. To implement the idea, you need to prepare a sheet of white cardboard with a size of about A0.

After coloring the Alphablocks characters, you will cut them out and paste them from A to Z on white cardboard. You can choose an arrangement like the illustration below. Not only used for decoration, but wall paintings with Alphablocks characters also help children learn letters most interestingly.

alphablocks coloring pages craft 4 deviantart

Image source: Deviantart.

Design Educational Alphablock Cards

Creating cards with these Alphablocks coloring sheets is similar to making stickers but at a higher level. You will need small round wooden discs to put in the background for the card. After printing and coloring the coloring pages, cut out the characters individually.

The next step is to glue each Alphablocks character on each round wooden disc as shown below. You can leave the wood color as is or paint it on the base of the plate to make it stand out.

With these cards, children can recognize letters by matching the cards with corresponding objects. Parents and teachers encourage children to create stories and games using cards.

alphablocks coloring pages craft 5 estyt

Image source: Esty.

By participating in activities such as creating wall hangings, cake decorating, paper toys, and educational cards, children enjoy the coloring process and learn about letters most memorably. In addition to simple coloring, you can create useful items in your child’s daily learning from Alphablocks coloring pages.

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