These unique Eternals coloring pages are for kids who love coloring superhero characters.

Eternals is a new American superhero movie released in 2021. The work is based on the Eternals species of Marvel comics; this is the 26th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Eternals, a mighty immortal race created by the Celestials, were sent to Earth to lead and protect humanity from the Deviants – an evil, warlike and ambitious race, the number one enemy of the gods. Eternals (but the Celestials themselves created them and society). Thousands of years ago, the Deviants had always wanted to invade Earth but were stopped by the powerful Eternals. And this time, the Eternals will have to gather to save the Earth from doom once again.

These superheroes make the little ones excited. Download or print the Eternals coloring pages now and combine unique colors to create the most stunning superhero work ever. In addition, you can color other superheroes on the Superhero Coloring Pages, lots of beautiful pictures for the little ones to color. Color the superheroes and have fun with blooms right now; many exciting things await you. Have fun!

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