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Last Updated: January 3, 2024

Our newly updated collection of Bible King coloring pages invites you to explore the rich stories of legendary rulers who play key roles in the unfolding story of faith and history. These pages have a variety of designs and are suitable for all ages.

Our coloring pages will help you learn more about famous kings in the Bible. Whether it’s Solomon’s wisdom, David’s bravery, or Josiah’s challenges, each coloring page is a canvas waiting for you to add vivid color. In the newly updated images, we have added illustrations of Jesus – one of the Bible Kings respected by many people, including children.

Bible King coloring sheets are more than just fun activities; they are also a way to explore the rich history and timeless lessons found in the Bible. With each stroke of color, your child will add their touch to these timeless stories, creating a treasured learning experience that will stay with them for years.

So, if you love to color and enjoy exploring interesting stories from the Bible, then you’ve come to the right place! Get your coloring tools ready, and let’s make these coloring pages of Bible King a reality.

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5 Fun Activities By Using Free Bible King Coloring Pages

These activities combine creativity with learning, making exploring the stories of the King of the Bible engaging and fun for children and adults alike.

Create A Royal Collage

One of the best ways to bring the stories of kings in the Bible to life is to create a royal mosaic. You’ll start by printing out some coloring pages about different kings from the Old Testament.

Let your children or students color the pages using their imagination and creativity. Once your child has finished coloring, cut out pictures of the kings and arrange them on a large poster board or piece of cardboard.

It would be perfect to add other elements, such as castles, crowns, and symbols of power, to the collage. You should encourage the children to tell the story of each king when placing them on the collage. This activity not only allows children to explore their artistic side but also helps them memorize stories about kings in the Bible.

Design A Unique Crown

Every king needs a crown, and what better way to create your unique design? As usual, you’ll start by printing a coloring page of a king wearing a crown.

Then, let your kids color the crown in the desired color, letting them express their creativity. Once your child is done coloring, cut out the crown and attach it to a strip of construction paper or cardboard to create a wearable crown.

This activity can be organized in a history class to reinforce children’s knowledge about kings who ruled with wisdom and justice.

Make Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to get children and adults involved. After coloring the printed pages, cut the picture along the lines of the design to create puzzle pieces.

The next step will be to mix the pieces and challenge the child to put the pieces together. The person who can assemble the most pieces the fastest will win.

Create A Wall Art

If you’re looking for an outlet for your child’s creativity, why not turn their themed coloring pages into wall art? Start by choosing a few of their favorite coloring pages featuring different kings.

Children will cut out individual pictures and frame them with inexpensive or even laminate them for durability. Arrange framed pictures on the wall to create an art gallery of the King of the Bible.

This demonstrates their creativity and is a constant reminder of the stories of kings in the Bible. It can also be a great conversation starter when guests visit your home or classroom.

Make Puppets

We are sure that any child will love puppets. So don’t hesitate any longer; you can turn the coloring pages into their favorite toy.

Print out some coloring pages featuring different kings to make Bible King puppets. Have the children color each page, cut out pictures of the king, and attach each picture to a craft or popsicle stick.

Once the puppets are ready, please encourage your child or students to use them to act out scenes from the story of the biblical kings. Kids can even invite their friends or siblings to a puppet show, creating an interactive and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

These five creative ideas with Bible King coloring pages provide engaging and fun activities for children and adults. No matter which activity you choose to participate in, we believe you and your child will have memorable moments of relaxation and fun together.

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