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Pennywise Coloring Pages is for people who have a bold personality and love horror movies. Pennywise is the protagonist and main antagonist in Stephen King's 1986 horror novel It. Pennywise is a scary clown with the ability to change his appearance. The character is an ancient transdimensional demonic entity that attacks the children of Derry, Maine, approximately every 27 years, using a variety of powers, including the ability to change shape, manipulate reality, and unnoticed by adults. Pennywise has repeatedly threatened and mentally tortured the leading character group with many different shapes, sometimes transforming into creepy characters in children's imagination such as zombies, headless people, dolls that turn into the victim's loved one to manipulate their mind. It enjoys manipulating the minds of those with wounds or tragedies. If you are a daredevil who loves horror, download the Pennywise coloring pages and choose favorite colors to adorn the ghostly Pennywise clown. Surely Pennywise will be unique when the crayons are combined in a unique way on our Pennywise black and a white coloring page. Use your imagination and make Pennywise coloring pages more unique and exciting. Have fun! See more The World's Favorite Spooky Clown
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