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Emoji Coloring Pages: Easy Thing to Express Yourself

It’s time to start learning your colors. Color these Emoji Coloring Pages online, download them, and print them for free. Emojis are used to spice up conversations on social media and cell phones by practically everyone. Tacos, smiling emotions, weather indicators, and hand gestures are some of the most commonly used emojis.

What are Emojis?

Emoji are facial expressions, animal images, activities… funny, lovely. The phrase Emoji comes from the Japanese word romaji, which is a combination of the letter e (絵) which means assembly, and the word Moji (文字) which means character. In English, the words “emotion” and “emoticon” also refer to Emoji but these are all coincidental similarities.

Emoji or emoticons are considered a new form of “language”. Currently, emojis are widely used in chatting among young people and part of aunts and uncles who like modern lifestyle use Emoji icons to chat with their children more easily.

Emojis are popular and are present in almost any online messaging application or social network because they convey messages and emotions quickly. Moreover, using Emoji to add life to the story, text message lines, make the story in the message or comment more vivid and emotional.

What was the Emoji symbol in the beginning?

Initially, for most people of the early 8X or 9X generation, this first Emoji will be known as =) and =D or 8-D in SMS messages (a popular method of texting back then). have Facebook or Zalo). These primitive gestures represent an important part of the original netspeak. You can convey irony by adding -_- at the end of your message or share your ambiguity with this Emoji ̄_(ツ)_/ ̄.

A little about Emoji’s development history

Emoji-like present-day was created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita. He wanted to design an attractive interface to convey information in a simple, concise way: for example, an icon to display the weather forecast instead of writing the word “cloudy”.

So Kurita sketched out a set of 12×12 pixel images that can be selected from a menu like current smartphone keyboards and then sent on mobile phones and web pages as characters. their individuality.

Emoji quickly became popular in Japan, as rival mobile companies copied DOCOMO’s idea. And as the internet continued to boom since 2000, companies outside of Japan, like Apple, saw an opportunity to incorporate emoji on other platforms.

In 2007, Emoji was proposed to the Unicode Consortium by a team of software engineers at Google. Then, in 2010, the Unicode Consortium officially approved that proposal. This helps Emoji grow and spread around the world. From 2015 up to now, Emoji is gradually being diversified with new symbols such as skin color, national flag, family… Currently, Emoji has become a complex and constantly evolving internet language.

What are some other emoji terms?

What are Icons?

An icon is an English word that means icon. They are used to represent an application or software on electronic devices such as computers, phones. Each application and software has its own icon to help users easily distinguish them.

What are emoticons?

The emoticon is a combination of two English words “emotion” and “icon”. An emoticon is an arrangement of characters available at the keyboard such as punctuation, numbers, and letters to resemble a human face. Emoticons are used to express moods, feelings, or represent a certain object.

Are emoticons and emojis the same?

After knowing what emoji is, what emoticon is, you will be interested in the difference, right? Many people easily confuse emoji and emoticon because they both express human emotions on websites but are actually completely different. Hearing the names are also similar, many people mistakenly understand.

Difference between Icon and Emoticon

Icons were formed earlier to represent images of faces, symbols of animals and plants. These icons are available and can be sent over wireless and wired networks. Icons have specific small images such as cups, houses, thunder, rain, big sun, sun,…

Their difference in many points, emoticons combine symbols available on the keyboard such as letters, punctuation marks. Meanwhile, emoji are images integrated into social networks such as Facebook, Zalo …

Or if you use the keyboard, you must remember the formula to convert from signs to symbols. In addition, emoticons are seen as online symbols depicting human emotions.

How Emojis Affect Content Marketing?

Emojis are becoming more and more popular, typically in content marketing that helps readers interact with people emotionally. Using emoji images helps businesses and individuals convey short, concise, effective messages that are still unique as well as receive positive feedback from customers.

According to a survey, Facebook posts that use emojis have 17% higher engagement than posts with all text. The content marketing industry uses creative emojis to make a strong impression on customers. Advertising can be added instead of just the costly classic outdoor advertising.

The Future of Emoticons and Emojis

Future trends in emoji and emoticons are gradually transforming the landscape of electronic communication. The form of communication is easily accessible, conveys emotions quickly online, and especially leaves a lasting impression on the network. Currently, these icons are being spread widely and used widely.

The promise of using emojis and emoticons has become an integral part of the language across the globe. Surely in the next few years, there will be more icons to help diversify the way of communication.

Some variety Emoji coloring pages that can express your feeling clearly:

Smiler Emoji Movie coloring pages

Smiler Emoji Movie coloring pages

Printable Emojis coloring pages

Printable Emojis coloring pages

Smiley Faces coloring pages

Smiley Faces coloring pages

Free Printable Emojis coloring pages

Free Printable Emojis coloring pages

Emojis Smart Cookie coloring pages

Emojis Smart Cookie coloring pages

Smiling Poop Emoji coloring pages

Smiling Poop Emoji coloring pages


Use these Emoji Coloring Pages to express yourself. Laugh, weep, laugh till you cry, and a slew of other adorable emoticons. We have collated, collected, and produced all of the Emoji Coloring Pages. They are all absolutely free to download and are constantly updated with new coloring sheets.

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