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Hockey Coloring Pages: Best way to teach children to play hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in America; therefore, it is played by students, pupils across this country. However, children need to study many lessons from theories to practices to play hockey well. It is a long and money-consuming period, so if you plan to teach your child how to play hockey, you should let him start with simple images of this sport. That’s why Hockey Coloring Pages have become the best way for children to acquaint themselves with hockey.

What is hockey?

As said above, hockey is a popular sport in many countries, especially America and Europe. In schools, hockey teams are established to participate in state and national tournaments. Also, some best players are selected to join the national groups for international games such as winter Olympia. That’s why thousands of children in America have learned to play hockey every year to have a chance to develop a professional career in the future.

There are many types of hockey, such as ice hockey, field hockey, rink hockey, roller hockey, or floor hockey. Depending on the features of each kind, players are required to wear skates or not. Therefore, the first thing parents should research is the rules of each class to find the most suitable hockey for their children.

According to many experts, the origin of hockey started in 1363. However, the word “hockey” is still a mystery. They found some evidence of hockey-like games in the Middle Ages. Some used “hooked” sticks, sounding similar to hockey today.

Besides the mentioned types of hockey, we also have air hockey, box hockey, deck hockey, foot hockey, ball hockey, mini hockey, table hockey, underwater hockey, etc. They are all subtypes with different features and rules. Please note that not all of them are appropriate for children.

Basic rules of hockey

Despite different types of hockey, some basic rules can be applied as below:

Offsides: This is a supreme rule of hockey. Offside is similar to a border that a puck has to enter the zone before the offensive team does.

Game structure: Before playing hockey, you have to start the game structure. Each hockey game has three periods. The length of a period can vary depending on the level of hockey. Generally, each period lasts 20 minutes. It means a hockey game will last 1 hour. However, you have to research it carefully because you can not evaluate your winning rate if you don’t know it.

Faceoffs: It will happen after a stop to decide which team will possess the puck. The winning team in faceoffs will have more chances to score goals.

Penalties: Hockey has two types of sentences: a minor and a major. The minor one will last 2 minutes, and the referee will decide the major one if a team tries to injure the offensive team.

Equipment: Although hockey is exciting, it is still a dangerous sport. Therefore, players have to protect their bodies with suitable clothes, gloves, skates, and sticks. Everything should be the correct type to guarantee your safety.

Positions of a hockey team

A hockey team needs many members; however, there are essential and unreplaced positions. There are goalies, forwards, and defensemen.

The goalie is in charge of protecting the goal and preventing the offensive team from putting the goal into the plan. This position is critical because the goalie has to be sensitive and react timely. In other words, the goalie should be the solid wall in front of the goal.

Forwards include three people in 3 directions: right, center, and left. They are also called attack teams or strikers because their primary responsibility is scoring goals. However, they have to play defense if the offensive team attacks.

Defensemen: As its name suggests, this team is responsible for protecting the goal. A team needs two defensemen generally, and they will play behind the forwards. If the offensive players pass defensemen, they will have a higher chance of scoring. However, like the forwards, defensemen also can attack and cut themselves if they can take advantage of a good opportunity.

The number of players in a hockey team can vary depending on hockey. However, the above positions are a must-have in a group. If your children start playing hockey, they should consider their ability to choose the most suitable place to get the best result.

Some pictures on Hockey Coloring Pages will help your children understand this sport better and learn it easier:

Gir Hockey coloring pages

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Puck and Stick coloring pages

Funny Hockey Player coloring pages


Hockey is more and more popular in Europe and Asia; therefore, playing it could be a trend in these countries. However, don’t be in a rush because hockey is a dangerous sport; your children can be injured if they don’t know the basic rules, equipment of this game. Meanwhile, coloring the hockey pictures will be the best way for them to learn the sport themselves on Hockey Coloring Pages! Have a great time with Hockey Coloring Pages!



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